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Painting the core game

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So I started painting Dark Souls the boardgame as fast as I can.The miniatures are a lot more fun to paint then Shadows of Brimstone, the detail is nice. So I started my engines and am putting my painting time at the moment in Dark Souls models!

I am painting the miniatures in the actual colorscheme from the game. The bases are just 'themed' around Dark Souls, desolate, kinda ... dead.

Here are the 3 Silver Knights and the 3 Silver Knight Greatbowmen. Next up the 4 player characters!








We already played a game and intend to run more. We want to run through the Dark Souls 1 'campaign' which means my paint order will be: 4 PCs, 3 Hollow Soldiers, 3 Hollow Crossbowmen, 3 Large Hollows, the Gargoyle, 2 Sentinels, the Titanite Demon and finally Ornstein & Smough. The other (mini-)bosses don't appear in that 'campaign', so they are up after all of this is done!

Critique welcome. :) They are tabletop quality, I want them done, but I want them to look nifty.

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1 hour ago, Maglok said:


Here are the four player characters.






They look awesome! I too just finished my heroes but i couldn't do the eyes though, i think i need a smaller brush or at least one with a finer point.

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Looks great! Especially nice job on the eyes, it's difficult to make them look good. Would love to see your Shadows of Brimstone figures too. My wife and I have been painting ours over the last few months.

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