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      Union in Chains Pictures   10/14/2017

      With union in chains in full swing, everyone wants to upload a few pictures with their battle report (they're highly recommended to ensure your report is accepted as valid). Check the Union in Chains section for some handy advice (and user avatars) before you start!  
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A quick note to SFG

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This isn't dark souls specific at all - but this is the board that I use so i'll post here. As steamforged games are based in greater Manchester i just wanted to say I hope none of your friends / family were affected by the recent attack in the city. Stay safe guys

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Thankfully, no one we know was affected in the recent attack, but of course, it's still a horrible thing to happen so close by. Most of our staff are Mancs, or have lived most of their lives in the city or nearby, and it's just shocking. The city is pulling together in the face of it, however, and showing that we won't bow to fear tactics. Mancunians have never been easily cowed, and life is already getting back on track to normal. 

This post is really genuinely appreciated, thank you.

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