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Hi all, my group's been enjoying slowly getting in to Dark Souls (been butchered by the Gargoyle once, had it down to 2 health and poisoned the second time), and I've started painting our set, so I thought I'd show off here, starting with some classic Hollow(s?), with a few more notes on my blog




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On 12/6/2017 at 11:49 PM, spiralingcadaver said:


Next up, said butchering Gargoyle (with usual notes). Sounds like my group's going to actually have a gaming night tonight, so we may have a chance to redeem ourselves after a long delay...



Woah he looks badass!

I'm totally gonna use that as a reference when I get my shit together and start painting.. :D
Great job on creating your own spin on the armor/skin details.

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