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Just needed some clarification on dodges.  Can Dodge change direction at any point for the following:

  • Acrobatic
  • Where'd They Go
  • Playbook :<<:
  • Playbook Wrap - :<<::<:
  • Knee Slider.
  • Run the Length.




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A Dodge is a Reposition, which is a Movement. From the rulebook:

When a model moves, it does so in a straight line.
It may stop to change the direction of movement at
any point with no penalty.

All those examples are Dodges and they all work the same way.

Note that a Push is different; A model may not change direction during a Push.

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Hi Henry


Thanks for the swift reply.  


So even wrapped playbook dodges can change direction?  So I can keep changing directions with WTG every half inch if I wanted?

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I was passing through doing some other work when your question popped up. I'm not always this speedy, honest.


All dodge results from an Attack (:<::<<: and :><:) are combined into a single Dodge movement (Pushes work the same and it's good to remember this for interaction with the likes of Stoic).

There is no limit to how many times you can change direction during a dodge.

It is also worth remembering that a Playbook Character Play result (:P: or :PP:) that triggers a play which has a dodge effect (such as Where'd they go?) is NOT a Playbook Dodge result, so if you wrap and select a Dodge result and a Character Play result these do not combine into a single Dodge movement, they are kept as separate movements.

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