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      With union in chains in full swing, everyone wants to upload a few pictures with their battle report (they're highly recommended to ensure your report is accepted as valid). Check the Union in Chains section for some handy advice (and user avatars) before you start!  
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Newbie Painter

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I've only gotten back to painting models in November, and the Dark Souls figures are the first game figures I've ever painted.  I wanted to show them off a little though, so I'm posting them here.  As a newbie, I'm still working out how to do this, so these figures are nowhere near as well-done as most of the ones I've seen, but they add color to the game, so I'm happy.


First off is the dancer- I like everything but the sword.  I will probably try to repaint it later.


Dancer 1 Small.jpg

Dancer 2 Small.jpg

Front view of the gargoyle

Gargoyle 1 Small.jpg

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3 hours ago, WaldoJeffers said:

I have a few more pictures, but I seem to have run out of upload space.  Is there a better way to post them>

You can just use imgur and link it here

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Doesn't matter how they look, the fact you took the step in painting Them at all deserves recognising. I would just experiment with Layering, washes and highlights and by time the rest comes this fall, you should see steady improvement. At the end of the day, they're your models. As long as it makes the game more enjoyable for you :) than it's done well enough. 

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