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      With union in chains in full swing, everyone wants to upload a few pictures with their battle report (they're highly recommended to ensure your report is accepted as valid). Check the Union in Chains section for some handy advice (and user avatars) before you start!  

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So I went in and tested Tie-Break with a dummy tournament. Things I did on purpose. First I put the tournament at an uneven number 15 players. Second I made sure that two players only loss was to the top player. Pro's it worked for the most part. Con's you need to really pay attention as the Event Organizer. Here's some general notes.

1. When players have played each other and end up playing each other again due to VP pitting them against each other a second time. The program will alert you with a red exclamation mark! Once this happens do not go LIVE for the new round. Select the player by high lighting them. Next select a player to switch out, then right click the switch option. This allows you to trade out players. 

2. Random tables option, I wouldn't worry about it. This creates red exclamation marks when there doesn't need to be. Just select the tables you want them play at, during the event. Much easier to manage.

3. Playing down-If an upper player has to play down they could effectively face an opponent they played before if the opponent has as good SOS and OSOS after that loss earlier in the day. This will create the red exclamation mark again because of repeat play. You will need to let it go LIVE if the math works out for the match up.

4. Looks like they corrected an issue once going LIVE the round can't be taken back and creates an extra round 2 or 3 etc. This doesn't happen anymore!!! You can go off LIVE mode and re-manage the round if you need to without screwing things up.

5. Byes-the test run didn't alert when the bye had received the bye a second time. Again this goes back to the EO to pay close attention during an event. This is easily adjusted by rearranging who has the bye to playing an opponent. 

By far the system works much better, but with being a program there can be user errors. I would run a fake event, much like did if you are an event organizer before winging it during a real tournament. Anyone else who has questions or observations should post them. This will help other EO's in the future. Hope this post helped!

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