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Force "Miracle" - Requires Int

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In the digital DS, Force is a miracle and therefore requires Faith to use. In the board game DS however, it requires 12 Int. Is this by design (for caster build viability or balance for example), oversight or typo?

I haven't checked any others to see if this is a common occurrence.

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Stat requirements are an aspect of the game where we chose to go a bit "off book" from the video game. It was apparent from the very beginning of development that the game simply wouldn't work very well if nearly every weapon and armour set required Strength and character builds around Faith, for example, were super niche.

So we developed a divergent system where certain types of weapons and effects were loosely associated with certain stats instead.

The great hammer weapon class, for example, will still typically be mostly (or all) Strength, but you'll now typically want some Intelligence for bows, some Faith for spears, etc.

In this case, "utility spells" are typically Intelligence-based items in contrast to "recovery spells" being Faith-based and "damage spells" being either (or both) stats.

TL;DR - Nope, not a typo.

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