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Easter Mascot Challenge - Results!

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Sneaking in just before the deadline after a lot of contemplating and struggling, the judges final picks are in!


First place: Beto, With Mainspring



Second Place: kvcpero, with Strongbox



Third Place: orange, with Dirge



Favourite Theme: Elektroschnitzel, with Fahad



None of that was an easy choice, but we have learned that nostalgia for old cartoons is a powerful force indeed :D


Congrats to the winners, and to everyone else too. From experience, actually getting things done and entered is trickier than it looks, so anyone that managed it did well in my book!


I'll be in touch with the winners to get some details off them soon (by the early part of next week, this weekend being Salute is a little tricky for actually achieving things...)


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On 22/4/2017 at 9:19 AM, Beto said:


Watching the other entries, I though I wasn't going to have any price!!!

Thanks for those amazing mascots!

Gratz Beto!¡

Nice to see you here

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