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Gore League Guild Ball Highlander Season 1 - Signups!

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Gore League Guild Ball - Highlander Tournament [Season 1]


What is Gore League?


Gore League is a series of tournaments I have been running for a few years via Discord. Previously, we were exclusive to Warhammer games such as Blood Bowl and Mordheim: City of the Damned. Now, we will be running a League for Guild Ball using the VASSAL module as the platform.


What is a Highlander Tournament?


“There Can Be Only One!” This tournament will be a Round Robin format where each Guild is only represented once. One Alchemist Team, One Mason Team, and so on. All other League rules will apply. You will need to make a roster of 9 and that roster may only include one union player (unless you are Union, of course). Matches will occur once every 2 weeks until all teams have faced each other (9 Games).


The Doppelganger


With there being only 9 Guilds available until The Farmers release, The round robin will either need to provide everyone with a Bye, or we will need to work in another Coach. We are requesting the assistance of a VERY Experienced coach to play a mirror match against each team. This coach will need to create a new 9 man roster for each of their matches so that it matches the guild of their opponent.


How Do I Sign Up?


We are accepting coaches on a “First Come; First Served” fashion. If you are CONFIDENT that you can dedicate to a scheduled match once every two weeks, Please reply to this thread with the Guild of your choice, a valid 9 man roster (Doppelganger signup is exempt from providing a roster), and your Time Zone (GMT +/-).


The Season will begin on May 1st or when we have 10 ready teams.


SIGNUPS ARE CLOSED! A New Thread will be opened for Results and All teams will be receiving a PM with Discord information.


My Submission:

Coach: Valorci

Time Zone: GMT - 5

Guild: Engineers

Roster: Ballista










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Coach: Zeige

Time Zone: GMT - 5

Guild: Hunters


Can I wait til the vassal module has updated with new Hunters?

*** edit




Vet Hearne







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1 hour ago, MechMage said:

Coach: MechMage

Time Zone: EST (GMT -4)

Guild: Doppleganger

Should I write up my 81 man roster now or do it match by match?

Hey Mechmage, 

Thanks for taking up the task as Doppelganger. Please create your rosters as you are matched. Let your opponent know your roster while scheduling your match.



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Ohhh, since my guild's slot is still open...


Coach : Spinsane / Mat

Guild : Mason's

Time Zone : EDT (-4)

  • Honour
  • Marbles
  • Brick
  • Chisel
  • Flint
  • Granite
  • Harmony
  • Mallet
  • Tower

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Coach: teamcass/Peter

Guild: Morticians

Timezone: GMT/but











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2 hours ago, Rvianarpg said:

it´s my pleasure to play this tourny, specially with friends ! :) 

I'll make sure this time I can play the game through! :) No more birthday to ruin my fun!

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All Rosters are up to date and we should have a Union player posting here shortly.


I will send everyone a PM with a discord channel that can be used for scheduling games and Voice as well. First match up will be available this Saturday night or Sunday morning.

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Well I wasn't expecting to get two unions teams submitting within a minute of each other...

@MrRebates, I have you on facebook as well and if a spot opens up while doing the league, you will be the first person I offer the spot to.

Thank you for your interest. I will be doing more of these if this first one goes well.

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