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[Hungary] Sunday MAYhem in Budapest (21st May 2017)

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Our local community would be more than delighted to welcome fellow international players. So come and join us at:

Sunday MAYhem (Budapest)
21st May 2017

Location: Gép-Ház (https://www.facebook.com/G%C3%A9p-H%C3%A1z-1490109007940654/)

Ruleset: Season 3

Registration: Tiebreak page

One day tournament with 4 rounds.

Total time for a round: 120 mins

Time per player: 50 mins - Clocked out Players being allowed 1-minute activations. When a Player who is clocked out ends an activation their opponent is awarded [1] VP.

Plot cards are played. Players should bring their own set of Plot decks.

Tournament points: Win 10, Draw 1, Loss 0 (1st tiebreaker: total VP; 2nd tiebreaker: VP difference)

10:00 gates open, registration
10:30 first round
12:30 lunch break
13:00 second round
15:00 coffee break
15:15 third round
17:15 coffee break
17:30 fourth round
19:30 award ceremony

Models, proxies: 
Fully painted teams are not enforced but strongly recommended. The use of proxy models is not allowed.

A prize pool will be constructed from the registration fees and from other sources.

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