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Easter Mascot Challenge - Finished entries

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Hi all,

As promised, a thread to post up your entries for the contest! Please remember the rules (and photography suggestions), I've copied them below:


Max three photos for each entry, don’t go nuts with the photos!

Because taking photos of models can be as tricky as painting them, a few points that might help.

-Try to take photos in soft daylight, like near a window that isn’t getting direct sun.

-Stand closer to the window/light source than the model is, to avoid backlighting.

-Use a mid-grey piece of paper or cloth behind and under the model rather than white, to avoid bleaching out colours.

-Crop the photos down before you post them, so we can see what you've done.

Remember, entries close at midnight on the 14th April (Friday) - this thread will lock at that time so if you haven't gotten something posted by then, your only option is to ask me very nicely :P

We'll have a good look at every entry, and I'll post up the winners the following weekend - I'll also message folks to make sure we have their details so we can send their prizes out!

Good luck all :)

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My entry!!! 

I wanted to give more life to the wodden parts, so I put some red tones on the shadows but the NMM on the legs, body and gears took me about 70% of the time to finish it.

I also added some blue OSL lights to the eyes to give it the colour of my Engineers team.

For finishing, since I'm spanish I gave to the ball the strange colours of the ball which is played in La Liga.




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Here is my Springbox (Strongbox) entry. 

I had a couple more angles but gave up trying to shrink the file, crop and find better lighting. As noted, taking a proper photo is tough, hah.

I hope you all enjoy this seasonal upgrade. Thanks for hosting this paint challenge. 


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Here's Salt. My schedule before salute is very busy so I had to use something I had painted already. But more painted guild ball is on the way. I record everything I do hobby-related on video now. So it will all end up on my youtube channel. Check it out for Video tutorials and painted miniature showcases.


So when do we see Veteran Salt?




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