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In search of the elusive two turn win

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I have been playing Sharkfish for a while now and I love it. My Win/Loss rate is quite abysmal, though, - but I’m improving. 
I keep hearing about these “two turn wins” which are supposed to be possible with fishermen in general and Sharkfish in particular. How are do you accomplish this? At the moment, I can only imagine some kind of snapshot bonanza while the opposition politely lets you win. 
Please, Old fishes, enlighten me about how to win by the end of turn two. 

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Score at the end of turn 1, likely with Shark, while also gaining enough momentum to ensure you go first next turn.

Go first with shark, get the ball they just kicked in, legendary to lock them in place, shoot the goal. Then search for another goal with Greyscales/Siren/Sakana most likely.

It's not a very common occurrence once your opponents have passed the newbie phase and understand how to kill a ball. I only remember doing it a couple times and only against players with little experience. Getting the first 2 goals should be a cake walk though. The main trick is positioning siren and Greyscales, and any others you may bring to grab a loose ball nearly anywhere the opponent places it.

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It's all about grabbing the loose balls once they drop... 

Greyscales, either Siren are good for this. 

Once the ball has been dropped it gives you that extra inch, so with v siren you can grab the ball from 12 inches away for 1 inf. Greyscales is the same number if you where'd they go first for two inf.

Hag is making it into most of my teams these days, she can also facilitate a loose ball grabbing. 

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