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2x Cap 2x Mascot List Going Into Adepticon

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1 hour ago, kryzak said:

Thanks for the insight Slothrop!  I often find the setup vRage needs to be similar to the example of having Meathook set Fillet up.  I need to activate Harry/Gutter first, or have them engage my "victim" at the end of the previous turn if they allow me, to get Bloody Coin off.  As for Fillet, she can get a Tooled up, in which case she has a pretty solid chance of killing vRage if she rolls average (hitting the 2 dmg+TU on 3 hits, and Legendary).  I guess based on your experience, the key is to keep vRage far enough away from Fillet (if she's kicking) that she can't reach vRage at all, and lure her into coming in to kill someone else where vRage can reach her (if she's receiving) as the last activation?  


Actually I think the way I usually kill Fillet is running someone to engage her when I know I'm about to win initiative, then go first with Rage and delete her. Even if you've already used My Gang, charging without Bloody Coin then Bloody Coinin' yourself for the remaining 4 attacks should still probably kill her. 

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My experience is that Fillet *really* wants to win initiative.  If she's in the middle of a fight and I lose initiative, it's often not even worth giving her INF because she's not hard to take out in one activation.  If Fillet dies after activating, I don't actually mind that much -- she's fast enough that she'll be at full effectiveness the next round.  I don't want to give up the VPs, of course, but it's not worse than losing any other player.

Given that, I think the Rising Anger on vRage and Harry are actually a pretty big deal in the Butchers matchup, though of course the Butchers can steer towards other targets.

I haven't looked into vRage teams in much detail, but my thinking is that Fillet has better control over the first engagement due to speed.  If she can be up on momentum after the first round (either by engaging on the last activation, or by having Swift Stance up and not suffering much in return attacks), by the time she's activated at the top of turn 2 her team is in pretty good shape.

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