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Hoosier hello from Indianapolis!

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Hey all! Looooooooong time mini game here, but first time Guildballer! I've been playing Warmachine for almost a dozen years, and kept hearing about this Guildball thing over the past few. Being the stubborn gamer that I am, I refused to try it and scoffed at most any "sports" themed game.

And then a local store owner convinced me to pick up Kickoff a couple months ago, and now I am hooked! I've only played a handful of games so far, but I've already got three factions with another on the way!

I'm devouring any info on the game I can find, and think it's quite possibly the best overall mini-game experience I've ever played... just need to play more and confirm that! ;)

Be seeing you around the forums!

- jake (Stompy)

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