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*CANCELLED - to be rescheduled* Norwich Summer Open - 15th April 2017

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[Posting this on behalf of the busy pundit/store. I'm not organising myself, just providing the links for others.]

Summer is approaching and it is time to get on the pitch and play some Guild Ball!

Athena Games' is proud to present the Summer Guild Ball tournament!

The event will be run be run by a Guild Ball Pundit, specifically Darren Lee Swancott

If 16+ players we will apply for it by 25th March, the event can be a sanctioned event with all the goodness and support that comes with it [venue can accommodate a lot of players, but 32 may be the limit due to # of rounds/time constraints]

10:00 - Registration
10:30 - Round 1
12:20 - Round 2
14:10 - Lunch
14:40 - Round 3
16:30 - Round 4
19:20 - Round 5
20:10 - End of Tournament, Prize distribution
20:25 - Close

Entry Price £10

Tournament Rules
Each game is 45 minutes per person with a 10-minute clock out each. 1 hour 40 minutes in total. These times are incredibly tight as people are going to have to start sorting out in the break times. Play to the final whistle - Games are played to a 12 VP win condition

Strength in Depth - 9 player Squad as per the new organised play document

Hide the team sheet! - Both teams reveal Squad at the same time.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/200357483753986/

Tiebreak: https://www.tiebreak.co.uk/athena-summer-open-2017/players

Tickets: http://athenagames.crystalcommerce.com/catalog/tournament_entry/guild_ball_summer_open__15th_april/304903

[Athena Games in centrally located in Norwich, about 200 yards from St. Andrew's multistorey car park and 15 minutes walk from the train station. Several pubs, a fantastic and very popular fish and chip shop, as well as several other fresh food shops (my favourite is Moorish falafels!) are within 100 yards.]

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I afraid this event has been cancelled on this date. Short notice and organising it for the weekend between Stay Hammered and Salute made it difficult to get numbers, and the organisers have decided to schedule for sometime in May or June. Hopefully they will post the date up with plenty of notice next time.

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