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BurroBoskov's Match Summaries

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4 hours ago, burroboskov said:

Game 15 - Round 3

So although we had 4 players undefeated, we were kind of looking at a final. One player had had a bye round 1, so if he won his  3rd game, his SoS would be weaker due to not playing the first round. Similarly, if his opponent won, they would be facing a similar shortcoming. So it came down to the pairings, and as it happened @warder808 and I faced off, while @dtjunkie19 played our man with the round 1 bye!

@warder808 was back to his Engineers for the tournament, and I made sure to have a laugh or two about all of our practice games against each other that were finally going to pay off! We settled into another match, with higher stakes than usual.

Ballista and Mother receiving w/ Ratchett, Hoist, Colossus, Compound

Midas and Naja kicking w/ Harry, Vitriol, oKat and Calculus

No Velocity, so I didn't feel the need for Compound. Crucible might have been cute, but Calculus loves to use character plays against the generally low def Engineers. As for my opponent, maybe Velocity in for Compound, but he's not a bad choice against my line up.

Vitriol Kicks off like usual, forgoing cover to keep the ball away from Colossus. I had thought that Mother might not be the preferred ball retriever...


Turn 1

And then he does the nest marker trick with Mother and I feel like a fool! He passes to Ratchet, who dodges and shies away of Vitriol going for goal. I burn some activations setting up oKat for next turn, aware that sending Vitriol in with the threat of Compound counter charges is dangerous. However both Ratchet and Colossus end up in front of Compound, and I feel comfortable sending her to start working on Ratchet. Hoist ends up with the ball, and Calculus and Harry get some conditions out.

Turn 2


I see the ball on Hoist and I think I can get a goal with Vitriol if she can dodge off of Ratchet a little (Note to self: Hoist has close control, this was never going to be a good idea) Wanting to save influence she doesn’t put a smoke cloud down, and whiffs her first 2 attacks. Plan isn’t working out right now, and it gets worse when I then decide that taking a free strike is ok. Ratchet rolls the 4 5+’s, and KD vitriol. With no Momentum to stand her back she can’t even put up clone. :-(

Hoist true replicates singled out and starts taking Vitriol out, Colossus finishes her off later. oKat is able to take out Ratchet with help from Midas and Harry. Ballista comes around and starts working on oKat. 2-2

Turn 3

Hoist early on goes in on oKat, and kicks the ball to space near the engineers goal. I have him re roll the scatter, and it’s placed relatively convinently for Midas next activation to score a tap in goal with his full stack. (Note to self: Don’t forget to legendary!) The ball kicks out to my left, since a returned Vitriol is deemed a threat on the right. Ballista takes out oKat at some point, at which point all the engineers start targeting Harry. Naja gets the ball to Calculus, then neuters Compound by engaging him. Calc gets up the field… 6-4

Turn 4

Calculus gets a full stack and with a charge and a bought attack off of a returned Ratchet is able to dodge her way into goal range and score. I haven’t scored a goal with Calculus in… years! Ratchet is also very low on health, but so is the round clock. Apologies for the picture below, things must have been getting intense!


My opponent kicks the ball out to Hoist I think, and between Colossus and Hoist they take out Harry and give the ball to Ballista. Midas tries to take out Ratchet but leaves him on 1 health! My opponent runs out of time and although he scores with a Ballista Legendary, the point he concedes at the end of the activation puts me up 11-10 as the round expires.

11-10 win for the Alchemists!

(Midas Goal, Calculus Goal, Ratchet, 1 Clock) - (Ballista Goal, Vitriol, oKat, Harry)

Next turn I can trivially take out Ratchet, and indeed after my opponents next activation I go to 12, so having the clock win it this time wasn’t too bad. I do have to say that it was a great game, one of the closest that @warder808 and I have ever played. 

So going 3-0 I won the tournament! Got myself a Golden GB die, a Gold patch, a Chibi Midas card, and some store credit. I promptly spent more than the credit amount (my eyes were bigger than the gift card) on some modeling things as well as Seenah. I just need Minx and I’ll consider them Hunters complete!

It was a fun tournament, with 3 great games and 3 great opponents. I can’t be upset with the result either. ;-) This was a nice way to say good bye to the Alch's as I go on a little hiatus with them, as I will be focusing pretty hard on Hunters for the foreseeable future, and you can always read about my exploits with them over here. I’m falling behind on posting all my games, which is a lovely problem to have!

If your opponent concedes, you score 12 points.

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34 minutes ago, Dracilic said:

If your opponent concedes, you score 12 points.

Good to know! But it wasn't a concession. The round timer went off and the score was 11-10 in my favor. I only had about 3 minutes on my clocks left, but it still feels like the round timer was a little funky. Maybe we just got started late.

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It's a New Years miracle! I bring out the Alchemists for a mid week game against @dtjunkie19

Game 16 - 18/1/18 Compleat Strategist Manhattan, NYC

Alchemists vs engineers. 

I choose to kick because in my head Midas puts out more kickoff pressure than he really does. 

Midas Naja, Calculus, Compound, oKat, Vitriol

Pinvice Mother, Ratchet, Velocity, Hoist, Colossus. 


I go for a greedy kick off to the right with Midas, but roll a 6 for direction twice and so "the dog" places it on Colossus. 


Engineers pass it around and move up, ratchet tooling up mother, velocity nimbles, ball on pin vice. I respond with Compound getting stinky, Naja slithering, and then seeing what Midas can do. He charges ratchet, but doesn't get enough dodges to make the steal and score off of Pin Vice likely. So he farms momentum and push dodges ratchet back to my lines.


Pinvice has options now, legendaries for some momentum and dodges, pin balling between her, hoist, her, velocity (who is engaged by vitriol at this point) at which point a pass fails and velocity recovers it. Pinvice then makes to mess Midas up, deletion on her self, only to whif 4 attacks in a row, dealing no damage to Midas. I had calculus poison ratchet earlier, and okat sprints up to engage him, ready for me to go first next turn. 

Turn 2. 

OKat goes first and brings ratchet down to 3 health, (he is suffering fire kd, and poison too), and kd's velocity. The ball scatters to colossus. I could have had the guaranteed kill on ratchet, but the scatter screwed me, as ratchet stands up and Heroic Landing overclocked onto colossus then heals. Compound gets stinky and tries to reposition to a better place, but Colossus gets lucky and kd's vitriol then sprints into melee with compound and scores. 0-4. Kick out to calculus who bonus times a pass to Midas, who bonus times a snapshot in for a counter goal. 4-4. Velocity can get to the kick off and bonus times a pass to colossus, who doesn't care about stinky goalie and gets another goal. 4-8. Well now I'm screwed. His team are all footballers, covering both sides of the pitch and there is only so much I can do. Vitriol gets the ball and is ready to score, but I can't yet since I would immediately lose to a counter goal. Midas is forced to spend his stack getting momentum for next turn. 


Turn 3

I again go first. I've got two options. Vitriol hides in a corner with the ball. It slows the game down, I can get my ratchet kill with okat, but there isn't really an obvious second kill. Or go first with okat, get ratchet off the board, and hope vitriol can hold on to it. I do the latter, 6-8. But pin vice gets the job done, getting to vitriol, getting the ball, passing it to velocity, controllering so velocity goes next, and I can't respond while she comfortably walks into range for a 5 dice Tap in to finish the game. 6-12.



Midas snapshot and ratchet take out vs colossus goal, snapshot, and velocity goal. 


I was down in the goal race, which was awkward. I should have been further in the hole, but Midas was lucky to avoid death. If I had received it would have helped get the first goal, but his team has a lot of close control, which can give him the advantage in breaking serve to get the third goal first. Maybe should have gone with vKat, as the witness me would have made a difference, and I'd have 2 more info for others... 


Still, a fun game. I normally try to go deep with one guild, but having a taste of the alchs again might make me use them every so often!

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3 hours ago, Furnace said:

Sad that you moved away from the Alchemists but man these were amazing reads. :)  You've done Alchs and Hunters now? Which team do you prefer and why? 

Well thank you! Sometimes it feels like I'm posting these into a void, so it is nice to hear feedback, especially the positive kind!

I was using alchs for the most part pre errata, and by the time I left I felt like I had a good idea how they clicked. Not that I was winning every game, but I knew what I wanted from each piece and how I was going to try to win.

With the hunters, I haven't quite found that click yet. I haven't been able to play as frequently as I would like, and the current design is not as straightforward as the 6-7 models I would play with Midas alchs. It's a process that I'm enjoying, and starting to see some benefits too even. 

Hopefully the next errata doesn't shake my understanding up too much!

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Oh yeah, I was bit saddened to see that you weren't getting much feedback on these. I think these are tremendously well done even if you aren't into the Guild as they are very well done and showcase the game nicely. I've been pondering on the Alchemists for a while now and I actually ordered them after reading these reports. Finally pushed me over the edge. 

I still have the whole of your Hunter reports to read, I saw you did the Alchemists and I was lured straight in. 

I saw that you grew quite attached to some models and those models, like Vitriol performed so well under your command. I also really liked seeing Vet Kat on the board and your thoughts on him. Crucible was a nice oh hey moment as she seems to be a bit under appreciated around here. 

But probably even more so I liked that you used both captains pretty regularly and neither seemed like a clear winner in all situations but both had a place. I liked the Midas Vitriol vKat hyper aggressive gameplay as well. 

Thank you, however for taking the time and posting these up! 

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3 hours ago, Furnace said:


But probably even more so I liked that you used both captains pretty regularly and neither seemed like a clear winner in all situations but both had a place. I liked the Midas Vitriol vKat hyper aggressive gameplay as well. 

Thank you, however for taking the time and posting these up! 

Cheers! This just motivates me to keep posting, and maybe make alchemists games a semi regular thing. I definitely enjoyed both captains, and after seeing @TheCurkov play Smoke on his YouTube channel, I certainly want to try out that style.


Definitely check out my hunters thread, plenty more content there and will be updated more regularly than this one. 

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Got some alchemists games for you all! They are my "Home Team" at my local store while I finally paint up my Hunters. Store might be changing venues soon, but in the mean time I've played a decent number.

These are from a few weeks ago, against a ratcatchers player. Looking to pick them up myself soon, so it was nice to see them in action.

Game 17, Nu Brand Gaming (5/24/18) (16/35 for 2018)

Smoke, flask, Mercury, calculus, vKat, crucible. 

Piper, squeak, vgraves, scourge, pelage, skulk

I kick off with smoke, and try to make it somewhat annoying to get the ball. Didn't have to try to hard, as rats miss their first two passes, and the ball is right in front of smoke. I take some time on the clock to measure it out, and then even more to see if it's a good idea, but I decide I shouldn't waist the opportunity, so smoke spreads some fire love that merc placed earlier then scores a goal, and dodges away from the punchy rat people.


Rats spend the rest of the turn trying to surround smoke for next turn. She takes some damage. 


Turn 2, and vKat gets a charge off on the diseased scourge. He takes him out with 3 swings, but I realize now that this was a misplay in rules, intensify still suffers -1 Dmg from tough hide. It's a big swing obviously, and I would not have got the takeout without it, although I think Mercury could have got the remaining damage through next activation. Still, on the day it was now 8-2 alchs.


Smoke eventually escapes the rats with a smoke bomb, so they start to focus on calculus. Pelage gets reveried to score at the end of the turn. 8-6. Flask attempts to pass the ball up, and while he misses, it's still forward enough. 

Turn 3

I try to be cute and get another witness me, which fails. Piper tries to get a kill on calculus, but fails. Crucible passes to Smoke who finishes the game with a bonus timed snapshot. 



2 smoke goal, witness on scourge

Witness points, pelage goal

Smoke getting a freebie of a goal turn 1 certainly helped, and a successful witness swings the score so quickly. Rats couldn't get a scrum going, and were down in goals. Straightforward win. 


We re-rack, I bring out the golden boy. Opponent stays the same.

Game 18, Nu Brand Gaming (5/24/18) (17/35 for 2018) 

Midas, flask, calculus, okat, vitriol, compound. 

Piper, squeak, skulk, pelage, scourge, vgraves. 

I'm kicking off again, this time with vitriol. She places it as close to the line as possible.


Rats decide to leave the ball for a turn, but move up skulk. A little annoying to play around him (I can't take a dodge or else he comes and crowds me out), but vitriol doesn't miss a chance to take an early lead and scores, despite being down a die. 4-0. It does eat some clock though. 

Rats respond by moving up piper, scourge and pelage (who has the ball) to smack vitriol. Once she gets kd, it's short work. 4-2


V graves runs over to start on calculus. OKat gets pushed up my Midas to start on Skulk. 

Turn 2


OKat goes and tries to get a nice external combustion off with the kd Skulk, but it doesn't quite cover his team in fire like I wanted. Still, skulk is down to 1 or 2. Rats move the ball over to graves, and move into Calculus. Midas attempts to get the ball, but I also want to get those last few points on Skulk too, so in the end while he gets the kill, he's stuck in the ruck and the ball is still with the rats. 6-2. Piper gets vGraves to score, engaging Compound but still scoring. Vitriol moves up on the right, and flask kicks the ball to space. Trundle bot then gets circled by a few players as well. 

Turn 3

Skulk comes back on to attempt to stop the vitriol goal, and I'm running low on time. OKat goes first to kd him, and she does eventually score. 10-6 vGraves and compound ineffectively stare at each other (should have used glut mass to reestablish the counter charge) Meanwhile Midas and Calculus are fighting an increasingly desperate battle against piper, and pelage, while Flask gets taken out by squeak and scourge. This and a few clock points make it 10-11. 

Turn 4

So it comes down to a dice off, which my opponent wins. He has a loaded piper, who gets some dodges off of Midas/Calculus, passes to an on fire scourge, and reverie's him into range. The two die goal however misses as his clock expires. OKat only needs 2 inf to defeat skulk a second time. 


12-11 Alchemists!

Vitriol goals x 2, skulk x 2. 

Vitriol, Flask, v graves goal, 4x clock

He might have had a better play going for the takeout on calculus with his last chance activation, but a 75% chance to win in the nail biter finish is still pretty good. 

Two more games against Blacksmiths are in the works.

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