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BurroBoskov's Match Summaries

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I thought I would compile all my brief game summaries that I put on the NYC facebook group into one place. I wouldn't call them match reports, just short paragraphs.

Nu Brand Gaming - 4/4/17

Playing - Smoke, Naja, Vitriol, Calculus, Compound, Harry

Against - Shark, Tentacles, Siren 1, Greyscales, Sakana, Hag

Score 12-9 for the Fish.

I received a Shark Kickoff, which I collected with Vitriol and got her onto some fast ground. She would spend the next 2.5 turns with Sakana, neither of them being able to keep the ball and get away from the other. Harry was able to goad Shark away from that side for that whole time, but served as a momentum farm for the fish captain. Compound and Siren joined that scrum, with Calculus and Hag watching from their respective lines. Smoke was able to spread a few conditions which eventually led to a Siren take out, but in a crucial turn Vitriol could not land 2 hits on Sakana, and so with the aid of Shark, Sakana scored a goal. He was promptly taken out for his trouble by Harry and Calc, with the recently returned Fish players all lining up one side, and Greyscales on the other. All the cat and mouse games meant that we were both out of time at a 4-4 score, my returning goal kick fell to Compound. Not trusting the big man to be able to hold on to the ball, I had him sprint and boot it. This wasn't enough to stop the fish from retrieving it, and as we spent a turn alternating and giving points, sending every player we could to the ball, it came down to the final turn. Fish with the momentum lead took charge, and an on fire Sakana farmed two Momentum from Smoke (Major mistake trying to body block with her, should have left it to my 2" reach folks), sprinted and made the 3 dice kick. Had he missed, Harry would have charged him for the win.

Close game, made some mistakes but also suffered some unforgiving dice. Still getting the hang of smoke, and I'll be happy to get VKat into the line up now that he is on my project table.


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11 hours ago, burroboskov said:

I thought I would compile all my brief game summaries that I put on the NYC facebook group into one place. I wouldn't call them match reports, just short paragraphs.

Nu Brand Gaming - 4/4/17

Playing - Smoke, Naja, Vitriol, Calculus, Compound, Harry

Against - Shark, Tentacles, Siren 1, Greyscales, Sakana, Hag

Score 12-9 for the Fish.

I received a Shark Kickoff, which I collected with Vitriol and got her onto some fast ground. She would spend the next 2.5 turns with Sakana, neither of them being able to keep the ball and get away from the other. Harry was able to goad Shark away from that side for that whole time, but served as a momentum farm for the fish captain. Compound and Siren joined that scrum, with Calculus and Hag watching from their respective lines. Smoke was able to spread a few conditions which eventually led to a Siren take out, but in a crucial turn Vitriol could not land 2 hits on Sakana, and so with the aid of Shark, Sakana scored a goal. He was promptly taken out for his trouble by Harry and Calc, with the recently returned Fish players all lining up one side, and Greyscales on the other. All the cat and mouse games meant that we were both out of time at a 4-4 score, my returning goal kick fell to Compound. Not trusting the big man to be able to hold on to the ball, I had him sprint and boot it. This wasn't enough to stop the fish from retrieving it, and as we spent a turn alternating and giving points, sending every player we could to the ball, it came down to the final turn. Fish with the momentum lead took charge, and an on fire Sakana farmed two Momentum from Smoke (Major mistake trying to body block with her, should have left it to my 2" reach folks), sprinted and made the 3 dice kick. Had he missed, Harry would have charged him for the win.

Close game, made some mistakes but also suffered some unforgiving dice. Still getting the hang of smoke, and I'll be happy to get VKat into the line up now that he is on my project table.


Thanks for the report, always interesting to hear what other players are encountering. Crazy that you all timed out with such a low score.

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2 hours ago, Seacitygamer said:

Thanks for the report, always interesting to hear what other players are encountering. Crazy that you all timed out with such a low score.

Cheers. I can rack up my clock management to being my ~4th or 5th game with Smoke, but it really was a strange situation for us both to be that low, and to clock out within an activation of each other. The ineptitude of our strikers left us shuffling the rest of our models around in preparation for one of them to make a break, which never came.

Really focuses the clock management aspect of the game though. Had I had one fewer activations, his goal would have put him to 11, with a good chance for me to get the final take out I needed. A lesson learnt, if it looks to be a "clock off", burn as many activations as you can before your clock runs out. Saves you points.

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NBG - 4/8/17

Game last night. I was kicking off with my Alchemists to Engineers. I was thinking of going for a Smoke beat down squad with Venin *Gasp!* but chickened out halfway through the draft and went with a classic Midas line up.

Lineups (In draft order)

Opponent - Mother, Colossus, Harry, Compound, Ballista, Velocity (Who are ya, ?X?, ?X?)

Me - Naja, Vitiriol, Harry, OKat, Midas, Compound (Knee Slider, Wingback, Double conditions removal one)

Vitiriol kicked off, getting herself into cover and within 8” of the edge of the board. Ball was placed just over halfway. Colossus comes up to get the ball, passing back to Harry I think? Either way, I know I’m committing to the Vitriol stuff and score. With wingback she charges Harry, gets the wrap to both tackle and momentus push dodge him out of counterattack range. She gets clone off of Colossus, flubs an attack to dodge out of combat with him and ends up being at a 2 dice kick after bonus time since she is engaged by Colossus, and both Compound and Velocity are in her way. 75% works out for me, and it’s 4-0 alchemists after 2 activiations. She gets Who are ya put on her, and also knee sliders away back to where she started almost.

Things develop in the middle, with Okat being able to get enough momentum off a charge on Ballista to get first turn. This lets Vitirol steal the ball back from Velocity, passing it over to Midas who sets up for a Turn 3 goal since Compound and Mother are annoying enough to make me wait for it. Harry and OKat take charge of the middle, pushing Ballista around (although Harry rolled maybe 8 1’s and 2’s on a charge, which was annoying) and tying up basically his entire team. Naja was pivotal for crowding outs. Colossus gets a huge Unexpected arrival off that disrupts me scrum, and allows the engineers to KD and eventually take out Vitiriol before focusing on OKat. However with a heal and him being a beefcake, he is only at half health by the end of the game.

Meanwhile Midas scores a goal at the start of turn 3 by bouncing off Compound, and has super shot up for a snap shot to win. The goal kick ends up right behind the big scrum, and Harry is able to disengage himself and charge Ballista while engaging Compound (2” reach is so good…) and manages to get his 2 dice pass to Midas, only for Midas to fail a 5 dice Snap Shot! (81% chance).

Still, the writing is on the wall because it’s just Compound to try and secure the ball. He is able to get it to Colossus off a perfect kick scatter at the top of 4, but Midas is in range, and with my first activation on turn 4 is able to bully the big guy into giving him the ball and taking a 4 dice goal kick for the win.

12 (3 goals, Vitriol, Midas *2) - 2 (1 takeout, Vitiriol)

Okat impressed me this game. At one point he was engaged by 4 engineers, but still turned all 3 influence into momentum, KD a player along the way. With Harry he is great in the middle, especially with Naja. If I had given Vitiriol a little more attention she might have survived, but she did her role perfectly in terms of scoring and getting the ball back to Midas’s side of the pitch for him to score again. Compound was a great battery, and Midas, well…

He was golden.

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I've been a bit too busy lately to play games, and unfortunately it seems like it is going to stay that way. I'm hoping to sneak in at least one game in the next two weeks, but we will see.

In the meantime I've been painting up VKat, so I'll probably have him in my roster of 9 by the time I play my next game.

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1 hour ago, burroboskov said:

I've been a bit too busy lately to play games, and unfortunately it seems like it is going to stay that way. I'm hoping to sneak in at least one game in the next two weeks, but we will see.

In the meantime I've been painting up VKat, so I'll probably have him in my roster of 9 by the time I play my next game.

Would really like to see if you can work VKat into a Midas list, I'm struggling to make him work, but have played 3 games with Alchs total. 

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I got a game in, and even took some pictures! No promises that i will continue to do so, but it worked out this time.

NBG - 3/24/17

Playing against my regular Engineer opponent. I just painted VKat to a table top standard, and was eager to try him out. During drafting I was certain my opponent was going to go Pin Vice because of all the mechanica, but ended up Ballista. I decided to try out VKat with Midas first, which was somewhat influenced by @meep277's request.

Line Ups in Drafting Order (Engineers receiving)

Engineers - Ratchet, Mother, Colussus, Velocity, Hoist, Ballista (Plot Cards: +2" Range, double remove conditions, ??)

Alchemists - Naja, Harry, Vitriol, VKat, Compound, Midas (Plot Cards: Full move after goal, Stoic and Tough hide against a charge, momentum back from heroic)

Like I said I was convinced he was going Pin Vice, so Compound wasn't entirely necessary although he did serve as a great battery so can't really complain.

Deployment: See Below! The Kick Off consists of Vitriol setting herself up in cover for Turn 1 shenanigans, and kicking the ball centrally.


Turn 1: Colossus gets the ball, passing it to Hoist. Vitriol goes for glory, charging into Colossus, dodging into range of Hoist, tackling the ball and scoring the goal despite there still being 2 engineers in the way and no bonus time. That is two games in a row that the 2 dice kick has worked, so I'm almost due for it to fail. I plot card her out of there to the cover of the obstruction on the other side of the field. Ball gets put out to Ratchet who passes to Ballista, dodging him 4" up. Harry goes for a molotov on the both of them, but misses them both. Ballista is now in range to Legendary a goal in, and since I have yet to move Compound up, can get within 10'' of the goal, and out of Rush Keeper. He deadbolts Midas, and slots in the goal. I put the ball just in front of Midas, and set my eyes on some VKat retribution onto Ballista. We go through some counter plays to try and prevent/enable this. After Mother puts up an annoying nest marker and Hoist replicates out some rough terrain, I spend Midas's entire stack to run him into the forest, Lure of Gold VKat up, Super Shot a pass out to Vitriol, and then free 4" dodge (gotta love showboating) into melee with Ballista. VKat has to glide over the rough terrain, but gets his charge off and some good damage on Ballista, pushing him into the fire and keeping him in Midas's melee range. I was too focused on tough hide to remember the bonus damage from VKat, so while I wasn't going to kill him anyway, I suppose he should have been below 5 health.


Turn 2: I'm up 2mom after VKat does his thing, but still lost initiative. Hoist manages to get the ball away from Vitriol, but runs out of inf before he can pass it. However Colossus's long legs allow him to snap it up once Hoist unsnaps. I contemplate trying to for Midas stealing the ball from Colossus, but instead I just put my whole stack into messing with Ballista. I ignore damage results and focus on putting up Midas Touch and using them to get wraps for more momentum. 6 mom from 5 attacks. Picture is board state after that.


Ratchet pushes VKat back two inches and heals Ballista. Harry walks up, lights Ratchet on fire, Knocks Ballista down, and hits Ballista a few more times. [Note to self, could have just knocked down Ratchet instead of lighting him on fire] Colossus passes the ball to Mother to try to get her in range for a Burrow Goal after she 4" dodges. He also knocks down Midas with a charge (Midas was defensive stanced and plot card against charges, but I forgot to use his Heroic, which would have made me near invincible.) VKat ignores Ballista, stands up Midas and goes in on Ratchet, bringing him down to 3. Needing Momentum, Ballista stands up ,heals, and knocks down Midas again before bringing him to half health. Vitriol takes the ball away from Mother, who tries to take it back with no luck. Naja runs over, Velocity shuffles, and Compound gets into max Rush keeper range.


Start of turn 3:


I win the roll off, and feel like I've got it in the bag. Vitriol goes first, barely manages to generate a momentum off of Mother (terrible dice), before walking over and scoring a Screamer. She dodges back into the scrum just in case. Velocity is just in range to score a goal in response, Compound should have been positioned more that way I guess? I try to kill the ball by putting it on Compound on the goal kick back in, but it doesn't matter. VKat puts up Witness Me, and takes out Ratchet with his first swing. 

Game just ended:


12 (2*Vitriol Goals, Witness Me on Ratchet ) -10 (Ballista and Velocity Goals)

This team wins fast. Compound did have a non zero effect on this game, but at the same time I wonder if I had another player in there who was even more proactive in scoring points. VKat and Harry get the kill, and Midas and Vitriol are so good at scoring. Whoever would replace Compound would end up like a battery, since it is great to give out a minimum of 3 to Midas, Vitriol, Harry and VKat. So maybe he stays? 

Good first outing for VKat. Will probably be my last for atleast 2 weeks, but I hope to get out to a tournament sometime in April.

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4 hours ago, burroboskov said:

Hoist manages to get the ball away from Vitriol, but runs out of inf before he can pass it. However Colossus's long legs allow him to snap it up once Hoist unsnaps.

Player can't unsnap the ball while he's engaged. Seems you've been tricked there. ;) 

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5 hours ago, Sid said:

Player can't unsnap the ball while he's engaged. Seems you've been tricked there. ;) 

Right you are! Writing these up are proving to pretty useful. I can analyze my play, see mistakes I made, and have another set of eyes look over everything and catch what I miss the first (or second) time. Will keep that in mind moving forward.

I'm looking at my deployment and first turn, and wondering if I could be more specific with my game plan. I think it is decent, VKat threatens the middle, Midas too while using the forest, Harry and Compound also in the middle. Maybe Naja could be over on one side?

Also realized that I could have set up a good opportunity for a play I really like, the Turn 1 pass to Compound while in Harry aura, allowing him to dodge up to Rush Keeper early in the turn. Reminds me to be... precise with Harry placement Turn 1.

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I've started a thread in the painting section for my teams, including the Alchemists featured here.



Check it out right here! I'll be adding Crucible when she is painted, and will be showing the WIP as I tackle the Hunters models as well.

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NBG - 4/14/17

Got in a game with a newer player, fielding Butchers who I have not played in forever. I promised myself I was going to play Smoke and since he didn't have 9 models yet we were forced to set our 6 secretly. I was chosen to receive, and we set our line ups.

Alch's - Smoke, Flask, Vitriol, Harry, Calculus, VKat

Butchers - Ox, Princess, Brisket, Boiler, Tenderizer, Meathook

Only snapped a few photos, and won't go into as much detail as my last one, but here we go!


Round 1

Ox kicks off and fails the kick. The scatter land conveniently in front of Calculus, who is able to gather it, throw poison at Ox, pass it to Smoke, and free teamwork her way into cover. We burn some activations as I durdle with flask and Harry, and he runs up Butchers. I'm left with Vitriol, Smoke and VKat. I go for an early Legendary with Smoke, who is able to put out a cloud, teleport, Legendary and breeze for 12 damage and poison on everyone but Boiler before passing the ball to Vitriol (who free teamworks up 4) and then sprinting back to where she was.


I feel good about the play and the poison, but I really should have been more aggressive with her positioning. She isn't threatening the goal or anything. I then make another big mistake with targeting. VKat has range to Brisket or to Ox if he receives a pass, and Vitriol can touch basically everyone. I end up throwing them both at Brisket.

Ox is clearly the bigger threat to my models and will allow me to splash way more damage with VKat. Brisket is really his only goal threat, and easier to kill. But if I can win the brawl, the goals are easy. 

So Vit ends up passing back to Smoke, smacking Brisket, Boiler durdles up, VKat goes in hard on Brisket but leaves her on 4 (2 after poison). Ox comes into VKat, knocking him down and getting some momentum back, but I'm up on Mom and win first.


Round 2

I'm all set up for a great turn. Harry goes first, knocks down Ox, beats him up a bit and gets him off of VKat. Critically gets some Mom as well so VKat can stand up. Ox goes and returns the favor, ending up deep in my lines trying to get away from VKat.

Here is where it all goes wrong. VKat is engaged by Brisket who is on 2 health, and with 2 attacks he can't take her out, so no free charge. I move him further into the scrum so atleast boiler can't get a charge, but at this point I'm in trouble.3rXMABA.jpg

Meathook, then Princess start ganging up on the big guy, and while Vitriol tries to run interference, and Calculus misses a blind, Boiler is able to get a big old pile of damage and momentum which he is able to spend removing conditions and healing. Smoke tries to even momentum out by charging Ox and pushing him away, finally getting up the board a bit, but VKat and Harry both end the turn with 3 health. My early lead in dominating the brawl has collapsed.


Round 3

Luckily I win first activation on an even roll.

VKat strikes out at the only character left with poison, Princess! I am able to get Witness Me! off for 3 points, but it's a sad trade. 3-2 Ox then deletes Harry and puts up his Aura, so Vitirol is forced to come back and take out the heavily damaged Ox. 5-4. Meathook then beats up Vitriol. That unclearable -1 def is hard! She survives, and Smoke is able to use teleport shenanigans to get a goal. But Brisket (who survived her encounter with VKat) scores one back. 9-8. (Un)fortunately my opponent has clocked out with Brisket, brining me to 10-8. He still has Tenderizer and Boiler left in this turn, and although Boiler brings Vitriol down to 3, the game ends with Tenderizers activation.

Alchemists 12 (Smoke Goal, Ox, Princess (Witness Me), 3 from clock) - Butchers 8 (Brisket Goal, Vkat, Harry)


Had the game continued it was going to be hard for me to win. Vitriol was going to go down, so it would have been left to a returning Harry and Caculus to fight a battered Meathook and Boiler, or for Smoke to track the ball down again. I had killed the ball to make sure Boiler didn't have a chance to be a hero, but I probably needed to be a little more bold with the kick in to get it to Smoke if the clock win condition was guaranteed.

So my poor choice in target for VKat allowed dice to become a factor when VKat couldn't take out Brisket. It was a good learning experience though, VKat needs to go in, get a takeout, and witness me out. 2+ 1 arm becomes a liability fast. Also, keep threatening the ball game. By having Smoke in a better position at the end of turn 1, I could have focused on getting 2 goals instead of worrying so much about the outcome of the scrum in the middle. And I will say that I had a decent chance of evenly brawling with the butchers. If I had managed a take out or two a turn earlier I think I could have dominated the game.

I won't get a chance to play this week but I've got Cruicible on the hobby table, and a tournament on May 6th to be thinking about.

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NBG - 4/20/17

Back to playing Engineers. My regular opponent, who apparently had some tactics designed just for me! Little did he know that I was bringing a one captain lineup centered around Smoke! I need to practice with her and I want to give her options.

Alch's had Smoke, Flask, Vkat, OKat, Vit, Harry, Merc, Calc, Crucible

Engi's had Ballista, Mainspring, OVelocity, VVelocity, Ratchet, Collosus, Compound, Hoist, Salvo?

Plot cards, I had Stoic/Tough Hide for a charge, Bonus for passing while engaged, and Knee slider. The only one Engi's had that I saw was Who are yah. Engi's elected to receive, and so he drafted first. Game lineups are below in drafting order.

Engineers - Ballista, Mainspring, Ratchet, VVelocity, Collosus, Compound

Alch's - Smoke, Flask, Crucible, VKat, Harry, Vitriol

I wanted to try out Crucible, and I had told myself I wasn't going to play Harry or Vit, until I did! I was pleased with the line ups, 2 tough hide isn't the worst, and with two goalies for the engineers I was ok with focusing on fighting for the first few turns and sneak in a goal for the win.

The game!

Vitriol kicked off getting herself into cover and putting the ball on my side of an obstruction. He was going to have a hard time getting to it, but unfortunately so was I.


Round 1 - 

Ratchet goes first and throws out some blasted earths, pegging Vitriol but somehow missing Crucible and even Vkat! I play around with the idea of sending in Vit to get the ball, but I decide to wait. She is sometimes a better threat. Harry sprinted up and put fire on Ratchet, Compound put up horrific odor, Crucible sprinted up through the rough terrain to some cover. He went with Ballista and spent a big stack getting the ball, passing it to Compound and Second Winding to a more central position. Flask puts up a cloud, Mainspring runs, I admit to myself VKat isn't going to get to charge this turn, and he sprints to threaten next turn. VVelocity durdles by goal as well, Smoke moves up, copies Harry's AoE, and ends up with fire on all engineers but Mainspring and Compound, and then teleports back to safety of flask. Colossus trundles up, and Vitriol takes the opportunity to generate momentum off of him. It does me no good though as I get a 1, and he wins first turn!


Round 2 - 

Compound starts by passing the ball to Ballista, who dodges up 4" to be in line with ratchet. Now I get greedy and send VKat in looking to splash some damage around, and although he takes a huge chunk out of Ratchet, he still didn't Witness me away so is now a huge target. He sets up a big scrum around VKat with Collossus (who also knocked Crucible down at some point), Ratchet and while Velocity tries to body block Ballista with push dodges, there is still a gap. With Ballista tooled up, and VKat is singled out and KD, Ballista is easily able to take him out. (0-2) Crucible is set up in a position such that he doesn't want to remove conditions, or can only afford to on Ballista. Harry saves some face, KDing Ratchet and Ballista, where the pall scatters onto Collossus who doesn't snap it! This is big I feel since Colossus is a good ball carrier, and so Smoke spends her activation getting the ball to Velocity using my plot card to ensure it. Mainspring and Flask talk mascot things. Somehow I'm up on momentum? I think my opponent could have farmed another 4 from Vkat before he killed him? Oh well, I'll take it.


Round 3 - 

VKat comes back on on the right, just in charge range of Colossus. Harry starts things off by taking out Ratchet, (2-2) and pushing Ballista 4" into range of Crucible.


However since he isn't poisoned or fired, he could have spent his one momentum and had a decent activation with the captain. But he waits a turn with Compound, so I spread some posion love with Smoke's legendary, getting everyone but Compound poisoned, on fire, or both. So now Ballista has a meager activation of second wind, dead bolting Crucible away, and minefield. This allows me to set up my entire team around Colossus, who is barely able to KD harry with his activation. My opponent clocks out here, as do I after a few activations, which speeds things up, but the writing is on the wall. Vitriol is close enough to the goal that she sprint to be outside of Compound's 6 inches of bad, and even with VVelocity can get the goal. (7-2) She knee sliders back into crowding out Colossus, and VKat comes in for a pile of damage and KD. (9-4) I win the turn and...


Round 4 - 


Start with VKat who Witness Me! Colossus off the board! (13-4)


Alchemists 12 (Ratchet, Colossus (Witness Me), Vitriol Goal, Clock*2) - Engineers 4 (VKat, Clock*2)


Crucible was fun. I think my opponent had a rough turn 3 ballista activation, caused by Crucible. Her 4" dodge at end of turn is amazing! I need to work on my VKat timing, but Harry is the man of the match and saves my game. I'm feeling better with Smoke, I'm glad I holstered her legendary on turn 1 and 2. Vitriol is key like usual, she was scrumming it most of the time this game, but between her and Smoke I feel like I have a guaranteed goal at some point. Big key to this game is that I got to leverage my whole team in the mid field, while my opponent kept 2 back near the goal. Also huge shoutout to him for letting me move VKat a smidgen back out of Compound's Counter charge range at one point. It's one of those things that I got annoyed at myself for having to ask for. A lesson to learn in the game, but also in how to be a gracious opponent. Lucky to have him as a practice partner.

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Had two games over the weekend, in preparation for a tournament on Saturday. Completely forgot to document the first, and the second one I lost interest in doing so after turn 1. Accordingly, these write ups will be short.

NBG - 4/31/17

Alchs vs Brewers, Alchs receiving.

Teams in draft order

Flask, Vitriol, Harry, oKat, Midas, Crucible

Scum, Tapper, Harry, oSpigot, Friday, Mash

Turn 1

Tapper kicks off and has a big pile of influence. Crucible retrieves and Alchemists try to be cagey, passing the ball to Midas who sits on big pile of terrain, trying their best to avoid Tapper. A kitty missile gets the Brewers some momentum, and Midas gets a goal, which lets spigot pass the ball to tapper who dodges around Harry's fire AoE and start swinging on the the Hat.


Turn 2

Tapper kills Harry, engages Crucible, and kicks to space into the Alch's back field. oKat comes in and sends Tapper on his bum back to his sideline with external combustion, which eventually lets Crucible get the ball back to Midas, who scores later in the turn, pulling Tapper away from the scrum. Vitirol is having a 2" reach party with evil Harry and Mash on the side of the pitch, with no one really succeeding at anything. oSpigot gets away from Midas and ends up on oKat, standing Tapper up. Ball ends up on a far flank.


Turn 3

Tapper spends his stack on Midas and putting up Commanding Aura, but being away from the kitty means he is lacking one inf and leaves Midas alive. This gives Midas the chance to be a hero and get Tapper away from the oKat scrum. But midas rolls terribly, and since he had to use his heroic and his movement to stand up and get to Tapper, Midas is pushed to uselessness. He heals, but it's going to be a rough turn for the alchs. A KD oKat is delorted by oSpigot who is ganged up by Scum and Friday, and Midas is roughed up by Harry as well. Crucible tries to be annoying by getting Friday on fire only to get herself in trouble when friday shadow likes out of the aura, clears, charges back in and with a huge wrap pegs Midas with knives and bloodies Crucible. Harry durdles up, as does flask, and Vitirol tries to get some momentum but it's not looking good. Except that is, my opponents clock is gone. So I'm scoring points on Friday, Mash and Scum.


Turn 4

My opponent needs an 8 point activation in 1 minute to win. Tapper gets 4 from Midas and Crucible, and is pretty close to Harry, but that's game.


Alch's(Midas Goals x2, 4 from clock) - Brewers (Midas,Harry,Crucible by Tapper, and oKat by Spigot)

It was going so well until it wasn't. If the clock wasn't there, I don't know how I would have picked up the last 4 points. Maybe Friday? Or Midas running back onto the board for a goal on the top of 5? It all came down to a misplay with Tapper, if I had heroiced into b2b with Tapper, (or used my 1" dodge that I did generate, now that I think about it...) he would have had to roll 6 out of 7 5's to leave me unable to hit him. Because Midas couldn't get Tapper out of there I was unable to spend 6 inf that turn (3 on Midas, 3 on ded oKat). Managing Tapper is the key, and also keeping folks on their feet around oSpigot!


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2nd Game, my opponent re racked with Fish. I received.

Alch's after draft

Flask, Harry, Vitirol, Compound, Vkat, Smoke


Tentacles, Greyscales, Sakana, Hag, oSiren, Corsair

Did not want to see Corsair with Vkat on the board, but he was the only tough hide so I felt that if I could get a witness me early and get the big guy away from Corsair, I'd be in the lead and in decent shape.


oSiren Kicked off

Turn 1

Harry can retrieve the ball, put out a fire AoE, and pass it, but fails the pass to Compound. We trade activations, Compound unsnaps it to Smoke, Vitriol is able to roll an awesome charge on Sakana (who uses poised) bringing him to 12 (forgetting hidden damage...), the fish move up and spread out, Hag brings corsair forwards. Smoke passes to vKat, who gets to charge range of Sakana. Smoke goes up and spreads fire, but also legendary, which I think is a big mistake. I have a hard time of putting conditions out after turn 1 once Harry gets stuck in, and that legendary is so important. Either way Sakana gets down to 9 health and conditioned, in vKat charge range, and Corsair is on fire. Siren durdles her turn against Smoke, and in goes the big guy. With an 11 dice charge, I get 2 net hits. Huge mistake here in that I don't go for the 1(2) damage, instead a momentus push out of cover. My next two rolls I get the net 4 damage, leaving him on 1 box. :( I mentally call it there, and Corsair comes in and bottom of 1 gets a pile of momentum...


Turn 2

and top of 1 gets another pile and kills vKat. The game gets weird in that corsair can't make a very big scrum, but I'm not getting anything done either. Sakana comes back on and escapes another takeout chance by Vitriol (again potentially surviving on 1 box because I misuse hidden damage :( ) Harry tries to work on Siren, but can't get anything done, I for some reason send compound over there but he isn't doing much. 



Turn 3

Sakana scores, and eventually Greyscales scores as well? Smoke kicks it to space, but corsair retrieves. Vitriol gets the ball back from Corsair (his dice fail him on the counter), and she gets a goal back. My clock dies at the end of the turn.


Turn 4

Vitriol can try for a 6 point activation, needs a little more than the WAY token on Sakana to be able to take him out or just better positioning from me (I knee slidered half heartedly at one point, a little more distance would have kept me in it). So without killing Sakana she gets to the ball, but not in goal range. Corsair deletes Smoke for bonus fun.


Alch's (Sakana by conditons, Vitirol Goal) - Fish (vKat, Smoke by Corsair, Sakana and Greyscales Goal)

Compound needs to stay in goal against fish I think, no matter how tempting the 2" reach is in the scrum. Also need to use Hidden Damage first opportunity everytime. The dice math for the vKat run isn't perfect by any means, but it did take the wind out of my sails in a major way when it failed. Thinking about it getting 9 health off of him is about 3 coin flips. But 8 health is much, much better. I'm just not getting good mileage from vKat. Waiting a turn might have helped... Also had a terrible sick em with Flask. Just wasn't my best game by any means... :huh:

Still, tourney on Sat! Won't play before then, but will need to decide on Crucible/Calc and Naja/Flask!

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“Hipster Ball” at my favorite LGS, Nu Brand Gaming! Hosted by @dtjunkie19 , we had 9 players, and Mike played against the bye round. Mike told me that he had two of the new hunters boxes up for grabs, and I was really hoping to go home with one!


I brought Midas, Flask, Smoke, Calc, Compound, Vitiriol, oKat, vKat, Harry. The field had 2 butchers, a mason, my local engineer partner, hunter, brewers, fish and one morticians.


Game 1! Jason and Butchers


Flask, Harry, Vitriol, oKat, Compound, Midas

Princess, Fillet, Boar, Shank, Tenderizer, vBrisket


vBrisket kicks off, Vitriol collects the ball, and gets it back to safety with Compound, who daisy chain un snaps it down to oKat.


We spend the turn setting up, but he brings Boar up a little too far. Midas lure of gold’s oKat, who is able to bonus time a pass to Midas who dodges into Boar to set up a nice little crowd out for oKat, who starts to get momentum off the big man, even with Tenderizer coming in on a counter charge. I get the momentum lead into turn 2. oKat keeps up the work and pushes the  boar as far as he can back, and spreads fire through Tenderizer and Boar with External Combustions. 


Fillet comes in and is able to steal the ball from Midas by dodging off of oKat, which some how ends up on Boar. We get a scrum going by an obstacle between Shank, Tenderizer and vBrisket against Harry, Vitriol and Flask. Boar is looking to wreck oKat in return, and Midas tries to pull him out with Lure of Gold, but a Princess parting blow puts rabid animal on him, stranding him in range of Boar. Boar wrecks oKat leaving him on 3, and with the scrum on the other side the Butchers have a pile of momentum and I am sweating. But oKat dies to conditions denying a lot momentum, and Boar falls into a Compound counter charge.


Midas scores a goal and snares 4 players, which turns the tide in the middle, and the Scrum on the right becomes a route when Shank goes down to Harry and Vitirol, followed by Tenderizer thanks to a returned oKat.


Princess also dies to Harry. Time becomes an issue for my opponent but he is able to put a 6 point activation together with Fillet. A Pain Circle is just enough to finish off Midas which gives her the momentum for a goal. This puts my opponent at 8, and me at 10 now that I’m scoring on his turns. Vitriol tries to finish off the game with a return goal, which is almost ruined by tenderizer counter charge (didn’t notice him…) and she still misses a tn 5+ goal attempt. Still, my opponent doesn’t have 4 points available, so after two turns I win (Or maybe I took out Boar?).


12-8 Alchemists 


I think it wen’t pretty well, if I was paying a little more attention to his back field Vitriol should have closed it comfortably.


Game 2! Jesse and Masons


Flask, Harry, Vitriol, oKat, Midas, Calculus

Wrecker, vHarmony, Brick, Hammer, Tower, Flint


Was planing to play Smoke until I read vHarmony’s card properly. My lack of experience against Masons made this game feel very refreshing to start.


Vitriol kicks off and is primed for a goal. vHarmony recovers and passes to Hammer. Vitriol promptly takes that away and scores a goal. Earning me a nice die for fastest goal in the round!


Ball back to hammer who is able to get it to Flint who dodges up to threaten a counter goal. Calc goes for a one dice Blind that would take the goal threat off the table, but I miss the 3+. Flint scores his goal, and Harry and oKat take him out at the start of turn 2. A scrum starts in the middle, that Harry is able to manage relatively well with KD’s, but no real damage. I need to pass to oKat to get him into battle, so Hammer is able to end up with the ball at some point after he takes out oKat.


Midas takes it back and Vitriol scores again I think? Either way I know I have 10, and feel very confident.


My opponent steals initiative against a 4 momentum deficit, and decides to take a parting blow on Hammer from a crazed Harry, and I do something stupid.


There really is no excuse. My thought process was that I was up by a lot and no matter what I was going to win (honestly didn’t realize he was at 6, I thought he was at 2 or 4). But by not taking the optimal result (I rolled well enough for the 3 dmg KD on 6, let alone the KD on 3), I broke the unspoken competitive contract. It belittles myself. Major lesson learned.


Either way, Hammer destroys my little robot and is able to get enough dodges off attacks to be in goal range. That 5 point activation brings it to 10-11, and now I’m in real trouble. I have oKat and Midas beating up on the returned Flint, but Wrecker is able to be annoying enough with body blocking that Flint survives on 1 box. I still have a chance with Vitriol to score a 3rd goal. She push dodges off vHarmony, collects the ball, and uses the last of my momentum to bonus time a goal.


5 dice needing one 4+ is a better than a 96% chance of success. 1,1,2,2,3 - She misses.


Hammer loads up and deletes Calculus.


(Ball must have been moved post cleanup)


12-10 Masons


I had no one to blame but myself and I knew it, so luckily it didn’t actually get me down that much. It was an obvious mistake, and even if my dice failed me dramatically at the end, it felt completely justified.


So I was out of running for first, and if I was paying attention I would have realized that with a 10 point loss I was in contention for second. I didn’t know for sure that 2nd place was winning the other Hunters Box, and I’m glad I didn’t because I was able to go into my final game with a very “who cares, lets have fun” attitude. A little more attention might have helped…


Game 3! Anthony and Brewers


Flask, Harry, Vitriol, oKat, Midas, Compound

Quaffers, Harry, Esters, Stoker, vSpigot, Friday


Vitriol Kicks off and threatens from cover. Stokers gets the ball, passes to Esters, and tries to put fire on Vitriol which misses. Then I pull the trigger and try to steal and score against Esters.


Those of you paying attention at home will notice that after spending 2 to charge and proc glut, 1 to tackle, you don’t have momentum to shoot. Ooops!


So the game turns into, can I keep Vitriol alive. Midas ends up needing to Lure oKat up to break up the scrum in front of his goal.


So the Alchemists scurry to fight in the brewers half! vSpigot and Friday scurry off down the flank towards Compound while everyone else scrums. oKat gets pushed out by Stoker into a forest, my Harry pushes Stoker back towards oKat who ends up taking him out. Vitriol lasts to the start of turn 3 but gets taken out, being fully surrounded so unable to dodge out.


Good Harry also gets taken out, but sets up the dream Sic ‘Em. Flask wraps three times thanks to a Burden token, and takes out the enemy Harry. So it’s 4-4, although I feel in great control as oKat can threaten the returning players. Friday and vSpigot finally get a goal against Compound, and I push the ball to the other side where Vitriol is. Now I’m down 8-4, and my time is very low. If I think carefully, I should realize that I need to keep the ball, secure the last two kills while speeding through activations if necessary before my time runs out. My opponent doesn’t have any potential points if I keep the ball. What do I do?


A returning Vitriol gets a 6 point activation by taking out evil Harry again and scoring. Opponent sends it to range of vSpigot who sprints in to neutralize Compound and scores.


12-10 Brewers.


So another lesson learned, my end game is terrible! I literally give my opponent the tools he needs to win the game, and don’t try to mitigate them. I’m one activation away from winning this game with oKat threatening a 5 health Stoker. I still think I need to start with Vitriol, but if I pass to Midas (or even oKat!) instead of going for goal, the brewers are going to have a hard time getting the ball.


Either way, I end up 6 of 9 on the day, which I think is fair, certainly not my best day. The winner is Butchers, and 2nd place my Brewers opponent, 3rd place my rnd 1 butchers with my rnd 2 Masons slipping to 4th.


I don’t win the Hunters box, but I do end up buying it off 1st place. I’d rather have earned it through my play, but I still walked away with the prize! Thanks again to Mike for running the day, and I’m looking forward to the next tournament!


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Game last night. Glad that it is becoming fairly regular that I get a game in each week. And this is the 11th game I've written up, so I guess it is a thing now...

Alchemist Game 11 NBG - 5/10/17

Alch's against Engineers (Not the regular Engineer opponent, but @dtjunkie19!)

Used the new OP doc, but picked captains after coin flip.

Midas-Naja, Kicking


Ballista-Mother, Receiving

Draft in order

Ratchet Harry Colossus Hoist

Vitriol Harry oKat Compound

The draft felt short, I though we still had another player each to draft. :)

I kicked off with Vitriol with an aggressive kick off, trying to snooker it in next to a barrier. But match fixing caused a re roll on my re roll, and I failed my first ever kick off! The ball was placed on Colossus.


Colossus passes to Ratchet who free Harry dodges back a bit, and Mr. Spider leg tries to body block Vitriol from trying anything. However, I'm not detered, and Vitriol goes for it. Despite being crowded out she gets momentum off the charge and dodges into tap in range, tackles on the next swing, but is down 3 dice with the crowd outs! 66% is good enough, and she slots it in, and knee sliders back to the barrier. The ball comes in to Mother and ends up getting daisy chained down the line with unsnaps until it gets passed to Ballista (free dodges up). Engineers set up for a Vitriol beat down, evil Harry sprinting up to crowd out, my Harry attempts and awkward fire, Mother putting up an awkward nest, Compound gets in position, Hoist puts down a lot of blasted earth, putting some damage on my duders. I say that is too close for comfort, and use Midas to Lure of gold her back to my lines. Ballista at some point goes for a 3 dice dead bolt on Vitiriol that misses. He is still in range to wail on her, but decides not to since he would likely get some oKat love in retaliation. Naja and oKat are forced to set up for the next turn, where it looks like there is going to be a big scrum in the middle!

4-0 Alchemists


Engineers take the intiative and Ballista goes first. He deadbolts oKat, charges in on the knocked down guy (staying in melee with Harry and Compoundand gets a momentus Minefield up. He takes one more swing, puts up second wind on himself, and legendary for an easy goal. He dodges back and with second wind he gets 9 inches out and essentially escaping retribution. I kick the ball out and I have it end on Vitriol. She only has one inf though, and while she is in cover, she is half an inch out of goal threat by jogging. :( I send in my Harry to annoy Hoist. This is a mistake for 2 reasons 1) Sturdy on Hoist eats a lot of inf for Harry's attacks, which makes him sad. 2) Sending harry in here gives him 2 vp's at some point. This turn or next, he will die. I have a goalie and superior goal threat with my two strikers, and with his legendary gone I should be scoring through goals and denying him VP's. Harry gets some momentum, pushing Hoist back. Evil Harry tries to keep hurting Vit, but she push dodges him away, to just within range of my Harry. :blink: He then knocks good Harry down and puts out a fire aoe to make any score by Vitriol very difficult. I send compound up for the crowd outs, and he brings Mother up to body block oKat. I take a while to try to figure out the puzzle of getting use out of oKat's inf. I contemplate trying to just get Vit into snap shot range and pass it around for an eventual snap shot, but after too much clock I end up being able to bring Harry over into range of oKat thanks to Midas. Snake uses Sic'em for an underwhelming charge. oKat starts the beat down on Harry and makes room for Vitriol to go around the near side of the barrier to score again, getting a Who are yah token, and she dodges away. On the other side of things Colossus, Ratchet and Hoist are able to take out good Harry. He gets so much momentum from it I just spend my stack healing, and having Vit dodge away. The kick out ends out in the open.

8-6 Alchs.

Ballista goes first again and rolls 5 5+'s on the charge against Vit.


This with Who Are Yah means she is knocked down and hurting. She promptly dies in 2 more attacks, leaving enough for a bonus timed dead bolt aimed at Midas, which misses! Two bonus timed dead bolts missed in one game! This sets up Midas for a classic Midas miracle. He has 3 attack to get away from the scrum, a sprint to the ball, heroic into range of the goal, super shot and shoot! Attacks are alright, but he has to take a parting blow from Ratchet. Ratchet cranks the 4 5+'s he need for the KD, ruining everything! I still heroic over to the ball, and swing on hoist a little, but I think that the goal this turn is now off the table, and I'm at sub 3 minutes now. If I had more time to think, I could have passed back to the returned Harry, team work dodged into snap shot range, and tried for Harry pass to him for the snapshot. As it was, ratchet procs glut on Compound and gives a free charge to colossus. oKat takes out evil Harry, colossus comes and takes the ball from Midas, passing to Hoist. Compound tries to get in the way, but Hoist gets around him and although engaged by those loving mechanical arms, bonus times back up to 4 dice and scores the winner. We have a combined 13 seconds left on our clocks!


10-12 Engineers.

(2*Vitriol Goals, oKat takes out evil Harry) - (Ballista + Hoist Goasl, Ballista takes out Vitriol, Hoist takes out good Harry)

Some tactical errors, some inf allocation, and some time management. Still a great game! I should be willing to try some more funky passing shenanigans, I probably had a great chance for a Midas Legendary goal in the second turn. Throwing away my Harry was foolish, I need to be more aware of supporting my beaters. Walking up Compound made sense at the time, but in hindsight might have made more sense to leave him back. He always ends up KD by Ballista's Legendary, but I guess that is just the life of a goalie...


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Did I say I was planning on playing Hunters? JK. I decided to go into try hard mode for a nearby tournament, which required bringing out the Alch's. I'll be posting 4 battle reports over the next day or so, 1 practice game and my tournament report featuring games against Fish, Brewers, Butchers, and Engineers!

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Alchemist Game 12: NBG (6/1/17)

Snuck in a practice game before the tournament. My head was in a Hunter's space (even though I've only had one game with them) so I needed a game to get back into the Alchemist mind set. My usual opponent recently purchased Fish from a friend, and it was his first game with them.

Shark-Tentacles Receiving with oSiren, Greyscales, Angel, Sakana

Smoke-Naja Kicking with Harry, Calculus, Venin, vKat

Venin! I've been kicking around his potential in my head, convincing myself that he can do something in a beat up Smoke team. I might be crucified for taking Venin over Vitriol, but a practice game is for trying new things! As for my opponent, he was proxying Sakana and Tentacles, which I think make sense. I know a lot of fish players don't like Angel, but the only way to get that opinion for oneself is to play her!


(Bird is tentacles, and red clothes is Sakana.)

I kick off with Venin, making sure I'm decently far away from Shark, and trying to snooker the ball into an obstruction so he can potentially retrieve it for my side.


oSiren goes and collects the ball, and passes straight to Shark. Fish should probably look to make a passing chain before leaving it on the big threat, so I'd rack that up to an inexperience error on my opponents side. 

I stay cagey with my positioning, having Harry put out a fire AoE that would slow down Shark's threat range, and we trade activations, him sending models up the wings and me trying to keep things out of pinball range of Shark. Calculus lands poison on Siren, and after Smoke goes the majority of the fish are covered in conditions.


Things feel good, except for the fact I'm not going to land vKat on anyone this turn, so my penultimate activation is move Venin up to annoy the Sakan and Angel flank. However that just puts him into Shark range. So sharks gets momentum from his influence when he commits to that flank, and is able to clear some of the conditions. vKat goes over there to be annoying, and hopefully make it harder for him to get the goal top of 2.

Turn 2

Turns out it isn't hard to get the dodges/momentum off the players you need, especially against a 2+ 1arm! Together we figure out a way for Shark to get the right dodges to ignore the counter attacks and get into goal range, making a small pile of momentum too.


Shark legendaries as well (a quick fish learner! He gets everyone but Calculus) and moves to snap shot tap in range centrally, but not engaging Naja. I use the plot card to place it on the Snek. (I had a terrible hand of plot cards...)

The turn develops with Calculus putting more damage on Siren before trying to block Greyscales path to the Snek. Siren goes to engage her, Sakana and Harry kind of mess with each other. Angel farms some hits off of vKatalyst and puts up nimble, Venin is useless. I'm just buying time for Greyscales to activate, since with WTG he can easily get the ball off of Naja or Smoke, but he wouldn't have enough for the pass to Shark. My plan was to try to drop the ball with Naja to Smoke, (breeze a fire on to Shark) pass to vKat to get him within charge range of Shark and hopefully murderise him over two turns. But I'm afraid of Greyscales ruining that, so just go with vKat against nimble Angel. 6's are hard to hit, and he can't get past the 1st column, so doesn't get to be furious. She gets flak, but she held my brawler in check!

Tentacles activates leaving Greyscales last, so I scuper the "ball to Smoke" idea and use her legendary to kill Siren and bring Angel down a lot. Greyscales ends up just momentum getting on Calculus, and I forget to activate Naja and move her 2 inches after the net. Whoops. (4-2 for the fish)


Turn 3

Siren comes back on, but a fish doesn't look up a goal scoring opportunity like that, and shark promptly tackles the ball off my serpent and scores. The kick goes center and not quite to Smoke as I had intended. I think Tentacles gets the ball and passes to space over to Greyscales and Siren. The pass ends up close enough for Calculus to get it. She is forced to pass it to space deep in the Fish territory (and gets her 3rd poison aoe on Siren this game!).


Siren and Greyscales are stuck trying to fetch it this turn, neither have the influence or distance to get it to Shark this turn. My opponent is starting to give me points on the clock too. Venin Harry and vKat mop up Angel and start working on Sakana, and Smoke even takes out Tentacles with her playbook!

(8-9 for the Alchemists)

Turn 4

vKat takes out Sakana. If I had remembered to Witness me it would have ended right there, but regardless my oppoenet is going to take 2 activations to get it to shot/snapshot range, so I can't lose.


8-12 for the Alchemists!

2* Shark goals - Siren,Sakana,Angel,Tentacles, the rest from clock/witness me

Conditions work well against low health opponents, and not having to roll to hit with Smoke's AoE's help against the high def. Maybe not the most competitive line up from either side, I think having Compound makes sense, but Calculus is really good against Siren. And forget Venin. He might only make it out for demos at this point...

I think I was actually in trouble for this game. 3 of my 12 points were from the clock (assuming I remembered witness me), and the fish had a really good chance for a third goal with just 2 more activations. Having Vitriol would have allowed me to get a goal back and otherwise interfere with the fish game plan, although I had a chance to score with Smoke which I talked myself out of.

I enjoyed the change of pace playing against fish, and look forward to my opponent becoming more familiar with them. With the practice game over we made plans to drive out to The War Store on Long Island for a tournament that Sunday. I'll have the reports for those games up soon!


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I have played Midas without Vitriol a few times and that wasn't so bad, but Smoke REALLY wants Vitriol. Smoke is not good at retrieving the ball at all. She has a 20.2" goal threat, but shes like to have the ball and use her movement tricks to do it non linear or from weird angles. I have found when I have tried no Vitriol with Smoke I have really, really missed her. 

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@RTOAHBYou are exactly right about Vitriol. There is no reason not to run her anytime you play Alchs. Unless its a goofy practice game!

So last Sunday I went to the War Store out on Long Island with my practice partner and a few other folks from NYC. We ended up getting 13 players I think? It was certainly odd as someone had the unfortunate duty of the bye round. Folks from LI, NYC and Jersey represented.

Tournament - The War Store, 6/4/17

I had brought out the Alchemists and joked that I was going to be a "try hard". My last tournament I had made some tactical errors (scoring a goal while opponent was on 8) and some player errors (taking my opponent for granted) and I was committed to not letting that happen this time. I was trying to do my best, and play a day's worth of tight games.

My roster of ten were


I knew I would be playing mostly Midas, and I went with Naja over Flask for the ball carrying options.

The event got off a little slow, but when the first round was drawn I found myself against Kyle and his Brewers.

Game 13 - Round 1

Esters and Quaff receiving w/ oSpigot,Stoker,Pintpot,Stave

Midas and Naja kicking w/ Harry,Vitriol,oKat,Crucible

Stave might be an odd one out, and I went with Crucible to try and momentum starve the Brewers. I didn't feel the need for Compound since he didn't project too much goal threat.

Vitriol kicked off in cover to apply ball pressure and awaaaaay we went!


I think Esters goes first and puts out some blasted earths to try to slow my team down. I contemplate going to retrieve the ball with Vitriol, but I sit on her and burn a few activations with Naja and Crucible, while he retrieves with oSpigot and passes it back to Stave. Vitriol charges in on oSpigs and push dodges him up the field, and herself into cover.


He moves up his players, and I set up to get oKat in on oSpigs for my last activation. Stave tries to barrel Vitriol over to the rest of his team but misses the roll. oKat goes in and rolls pretty well after some damage from Vitriol. This lets me get him down very low, but too low and he dies from fire in the maintenance phase, instead of as part of my first activation next turn... 2-0 Alchs


Turn 2-3

Vitriol goes first and very politely takes the ball off of Stave, gets clone up, and scores a goal. She dodges out further to the left flank. Between Clone and a juicy counter attack she stifles the attempts of Pintpot and Stave to get retribution. Spigot gets the ball and spends his time running down the left flank. Meanwhile it's Esters, Stoker and Quaff against oKat and Harry with Crucible and Midas providing take outs. He focuses his damage on oKat and I have to heal him twice a turn, but I focus down Esters. It's a tough battle for him with those crowd outs going in my favor, but I also rolled really well with oKat, not getting any 1's on a knocked down Esters for 2-3 attacks in a row. Pintpot gives up on Vitriol to try to help Stoker, but the fire breather goes down at the end of Turn 3... 10-0 Alch's

fayGB8R.jpgSpigot scores a consolation goal, but Pintpot goes down under almost the entire Alchemist team.

12-4 Alchemists

(Vitriol Goal, oSpigot,Stoker,Esters,Pintpot) - (oSpigot Goal)

Kyle said this was his 5th game of Guildball. I was personally impressed with the grasp he had on his pieces with that much experience, but there were certainly a couple of questions in his play. Stave is not a ball carrier, and maybe should not have played in this game. Friday would have offered some goal threat. He let me dominate the middle scrum, and the dice let me wrap it up quickly. I don't think I remembered crucibles 4" dodge once, but she did use her Slip Past play, so that was fun. First time in a while that I had won going 4-1.

We chatted about the game, but soon it was time for round 2! 


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Game 14 - Round 2

Round 2 saw me face off against Kylie. She was running Butchers, and her roster only included 6 players! This wasn't due to a lack of experience, but an expression of confidence! Not letting the set lineup for my opponent psyche me out, we went into a fairly straightforward draft!

Fillet and Truffles receiving w/ Tenderizer,vBrisket,vOx,Meathook

Midas and Naja kicking w/ Harry,Vitriol,oKat,Calculus

I understand that people lean towards oBrisket more than vBrisket, but they seem equally annoying for the opponent. It was techincally my first game against vOx, but watching reports from @TheCurkov made me feel fine about that. I went with Calculus as I thought Blind could be useful, although I suppose I could have gone for Compound as well. Lets see if it was a good decision!

Vitriol of course kicks off with cover slightly across the pitch, away from vBrisket who looked a little too eager to get the ball. This puts Fillet into an interesting position as she is basically the only who can get the ball.


Turn 1

Let me start by saying that this game was one of the most enjoyable I have had the pleasure to play. It was tense, quick, and really highlighted the strength of the game. Kylie was an exemplary opponent, communicating positions clearly and staying pleasant even as the stress mounted for both sides. It was a back and forth game and I felt exhausted by the end. Turn 1 is a great example.

Fillet collects and attempts a pass back to truffles that misses. Throws out a pain circle. Vitriol charges up on Fillet and push dodges her towards my line, doing minor damage too.

Tenderizer moves up. Midas brings oKat up.

Truffles runs the ball over to meathook and unsnaps it. oKat lays into Fillet, setting up for the top of 2 takeout. This is bad news, but maybe getting vOx into oKat means he can save her. So, can vOx get into range?

vBrisket moves up, quicktimes vOx into range. Harry puts out a molotov infront of vOx, taking him back out of range.

Meathook passes ball to vOx getting him back into range. Calculus has range to bonus time a blind on vOx, finally securing oKat's safety.


vOx has to durdle, and kicks the ball to space (no one within 4"!) he gets into a position to threat the next turn. Naja gets a sneaky sic em off on Fillet, guaranteeing me first turn.

So many counter plays on the first turn! The rest of the game proceeded with the same level of intensity, and it's a fundamental law of physics that as intensity increases, photo taking decreases. ;-)

Turn 2

oKat finishes off Fillet, and is Just able to find space that Tenderizer can't reach with a counter charge, but he can get attacks onto vOx. It takes a few minutes off my clock to find the position, but it is worth it as damage on vOx adds up and he is external combustioned away into the Butcher back field. Meathook and vOx put some damage onto oKat, but the beefcake is alive. I go with Vitriol who passes to oKat allowing him to dodge out of too much dangert. Harry pushes vOx towards my line, and I get a big dogpile going with the rest of my team. vBrisket scores at some point, and I kick the ball out to the other side. 2-4 for the Butchers!

Turn 3

oKat takes out vOx, and starts in on Meathook, KDing and doing some good damage. Meathook stands up to return the favor on oKat, who is bleeding at 3 health at the end of it. Fillet has come on on the side with vBrisket, and I'm afraid she is going to try to kill oKat and score. Naja ends up with the ball for safe keeping. She instead goes in on Calculus and while she doesn't roll too well, does end up being able to to do lethal damage with her Legendary to both oKat and Calc. I transfer the ball to Vitriol and swarm Meathook with whoever is left and leave her on 2, but I'm in a scary place. 4-8 for the Butchers.

Turn 4

It comes down to who goes first, like usual. I'm up 2 and clinch the roll. This lets my use Wingback to charge oKat into Fillet. Fillet defensive stances, but he gets the 2 6's on the charge for the KD. After that he bonus time's some rolls and is able to take Fillet out. Tenderizer is left needing to get a ground pound off of charging Vitriol to make it difficult for me, but all the goalie can do is get a KD. This scatters the ball right in front of the goal, and Midas with 3 inf finishes off Meathook, heroics out of melee, and jogs over to tap in the 3 dice goal for the win just as my clock expires!


12-8 for the Alchemists.

(Midas Goal, Meathook, vOx, Fillet x2) - (vBrisket Goal, Calculus, oKat)

Being able to take out Fillet before she took out one of my players should have just ended the game, but it is a credit to Kylie that she was able to find a way to be leading for the majority of the match. Indeed, if oKat doesn't hit the KD on the charge, he most likely doesn't get through the remaining damage on Fillet. I was proud of my self that I was able to handle the difficult position of having an opponent on 8, something that I failed at dealing with last tournament. I really enjoyed the game, and told Kylie as such.

After that there were 4 folks undefeated, @warder808(My usual practice opponent), @dtjunkie19(my 2nd most played opponent), and our man with the bye from round 1! The general feeling was that we were only going to do one more round, so the next game was essentially the finals!

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Game 15 - Round 3

So although we had 4 players undefeated, we were kind of looking at a final. One player had had a bye round 1, so if he won his  3rd game, his SoS would be weaker due to not playing the first round. Similarly, if his opponent won, they would be facing a similar shortcoming. So it came down to the pairings, and as it happened @warder808 and I faced off, while @dtjunkie19 played our man with the round 1 bye!

@warder808 was back to his Engineers for the tournament, and I made sure to have a laugh or two about all of our practice games against each other that were finally going to pay off! We settled into another match, with higher stakes than usual.

Ballista and Mother receiving w/ Ratchett, Hoist, Colossus, Compound

Midas and Naja kicking w/ Harry, Vitriol, oKat and Calculus

No Velocity, so I didn't feel the need for Compound. Crucible might have been cute, but Calculus loves to use character plays against the generally low def Engineers. As for my opponent, maybe Velocity in for Compound, but he's not a bad choice against my line up.

Vitriol Kicks off like usual, forgoing cover to keep the ball away from Colossus. I had thought that Mother might not be the preferred ball retriever...


Turn 1

And then he does the nest marker trick with Mother and I feel like a fool! He passes to Ratchet, who dodges and shies away of Vitriol going for goal. I burn some activations setting up oKat for next turn, aware that sending Vitriol in with the threat of Compound counter charges is dangerous. However both Ratchet and Colossus end up in front of Compound, and I feel comfortable sending her to start working on Ratchet. Hoist ends up with the ball, and Calculus and Harry get some conditions out.

Turn 2


I see the ball on Hoist and I think I can get a goal with Vitriol if she can dodge off of Ratchet a little (Note to self: Hoist has close control, this was never going to be a good idea) Wanting to save influence she doesn’t put a smoke cloud down, and whiffs her first 2 attacks. Plan isn’t working out right now, and it gets worse when I then decide that taking a free strike is ok. Ratchet rolls the 4 5+’s, and KD vitriol. With no Momentum to stand her back she can’t even put up clone. :-(

Hoist true replicates singled out and starts taking Vitriol out, Colossus finishes her off later. oKat is able to take out Ratchet with help from Midas and Harry. Ballista comes around and starts working on oKat. 2-2

Turn 3

Hoist early on goes in on oKat, and kicks the ball to space near the engineers goal. I have him re roll the scatter, and it’s placed relatively convinently for Midas next activation to score a tap in goal with his full stack. (Note to self: Don’t forget to legendary!) The ball kicks out to my left, since a returned Vitriol is deemed a threat on the right. Ballista takes out oKat at some point, at which point all the engineers start targeting Harry. Naja gets the ball to Calculus, then neuters Compound by engaging him. Calc gets up the field… 6-4

Turn 4

Calculus gets a full stack and with a charge and a bought attack off of a returned Ratchet is able to dodge her way into goal range and score. I haven’t scored a goal with Calculus in… years! Ratchet is also very low on health, but so is the round clock. Apologies for the picture below, things must have been getting intense!


My opponent kicks the ball out to Hoist I think, and between Colossus and Hoist they take out Harry and give the ball to Ballista. Midas tries to take out Ratchet but leaves him on 1 health! My opponent runs out of time and although he scores with a Ballista Legendary, the point he concedes at the end of the activation puts me up 11-10 as the round expires.

11-10 win for the Alchemists!

(Midas Goal, Calculus Goal, Ratchet, 1 Clock) - (Ballista Goal, Vitriol, oKat, Harry)

Next turn I can trivially take out Ratchet, and indeed after my opponents next activation I go to 12, so having the clock win it this time wasn’t too bad. I do have to say that it was a great game, one of the closest that @warder808 and I have ever played. 

So going 3-0 I won the tournament! Got myself a Golden GB die, a Gold patch, a Chibi Midas card, and some store credit. I promptly spent more than the credit amount (my eyes were bigger than the gift card) on some modeling things as well as Seenah. I just need Minx and I’ll consider them Hunters complete!

It was a fun tournament, with 3 great games and 3 great opponents. I can’t be upset with the result either. ;-) This was a nice way to say good bye to the Alch's as I go on a little hiatus with them, as I will be focusing pretty hard on Hunters for the foreseeable future, and you can always read about my exploits with them over here. I’m falling behind on posting all my games, which is a lovely problem to have!

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