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Steamforged Forum Code of Conduct

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The forum should be a place for everyone to enjoy the games and hobby, but to avoid problems we do have a few simple requests. Mostly it boils down to "play nice, consider other people's feelings, report don't retaliate, and spoilers are SFGs turf":



It is not everyone else's problem to avoid being offended by you, it is in fact your problem to avoid offending as well. Equally, don't read offence into every post if it could be read less offensively. Which means everyone should take everything with a pinch of salt, and if offence is given accidentally - say sorry and accept apologies. Odds are it was all just a misunderstanding because typing lacks a lot of context. If people disagree, that's fine. Calling someone a liar, an idiot or any variation of that because they don't share your opinion is not fine.



If you happen to see a model, stat card or the like before it's out, you're lucky - enjoy the extra info. But on here, it's SFG's fun to preview things so please don't post them up for all to see. We won't stop people from talking in cryptic vague terms of "looks like they'll go well with X model or Y play style", but you will be warned for posting unreleased stuff in its entirety. It has NDA implications, it's not just us being picky. Basically, if it isn't available in the SFG store, it's not for posting (unless it's on the SFG blog or in the previews section, in which case it's definitely officially spoiled!)


Unacceptable conduct

Not going to try and list all the brands of this, but if you're posting something that would generally cause a lot of trouble if you shouted it in a pub or shopping mall, maybe think about it before you click the button. Racist, sexist, threatening, whatever bracket it falls under, the mods will look at it in terms of context and intent. We recommend leaving potentially tense subjects such as real-world politics outside too.

Also, this is a forum open to any age, so watch the swearing. Which really also comes under the "would you shout it in a shopping mall" advice.



If someone is being rude, arrogant, obnoxious or whatever and you feel the need to call them out on it, don't. There's a report button on every post which sends it to the mods. If it's a trend of behaviour across multiple posts, mention that in the report and we'll look. Retaliating often gets you warned as well.



The mods can warn, restrict and ban people as necessary. Generally you'll get two warnings, then the third will result in being placed on moderation for several weeks. However, at our discretion that can be varied - if it's truly heinous* you may get multiple warning points at once, or even go straight to a temporary or permanent ban.


Assorted other things

Anything that's going on that you're not comfortable with, don't want to report but do want us to be aware of, or are not sure of, message me (Mako) or another mod about it. We try to reply quickly and always look into stuff.


We're not here to spoil people's fun, honest. That's why the rules are soft and depend a lot on context.


*I wanted an excuse to use the word, it doesn't get out often enough.

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