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Greeting from Szczecin, Poland

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Hello Community!

My name is Adam, and while I was interested in Guild Ball for over 2 years now, I just picked it up seriously recently and decided that it is time to go on forums! :)

I'm from Stettin/Szczecin which is one of the most North-western cities in Poland, and we are just staring the GB community there. Currently there are 4 of us, but I believe that should change rapidly.

For the moment I have picked up Fisherman and Brewers. Going next for the Union and Hunters as my choices.


Regarding my wargaming history - I am an active PG and a WM&H player, I have also gone through both Warhammers, Mordheim, X-wing, Armada, Warheim (Polish spin on Mordheim), Anima Tactics, WM&H, Infinity, Full Thrust...yeah, quite a bunch.

I am looking also for some players form Berlin, as we leave nerby each other :)


Adam "TheElros" Szymanski

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