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Super Fan vs Run the Length

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Suppose I have a Super Fan plot card.  Do I play (and resolve) the card immediately when the goal is scored (before Run the Length is declared and resolved) or do I play it after Run the Length is used.

Thank you.


Super Fan


The friendly team concedes a goal.


Instead of making a goal kick, the Controlling Player may place the ballmarker in possession of a friendly model within [6”] of the friendly goal-post.


S3 p44: Run The Length!

After scoring a goal the active model may spend [1] MP to immediately make a [4”] Dodge; this Dodge takes place prior to the Goal Kick.

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So does it work like this?

Enemy scores a goal (aka I concede the goal)
I play the card

They pay and resolve Run the Length

I resolve Super Fan.



My question is mostly when do I actually play the card - as the goal is scored, or just before I would have made my goal kick. 

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