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Masons vs. Brewers Match Report!!

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Hi all,

We're back with a new match report as Tom takes on the Pundit King Jamie from GBHL/Steamforged! Both players are using the 'original six' lineups from the kick off set so if you're looking to gain a new insight to the players or simply want to enjoy a really close game, we've got you covered!!  Let us know what you think in terms of the editing and style and we'll be sure to keep working on it! ((Its worth noting again that we're going for causal play vs. competitive but are looking for feedback whether we should use plot cards next time around?))


See more GBHL here: https://www.youtube.com/user/GBHLPodcast

...also I say 'okey dokey' A LOT in this one...I was very peppy and a little overexcited...#sorrynotsorry 1f642.png:)

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Great game guys! 1 thing I noticed just for play advice, the right move on that charge at the end of the game would have been to take the double dodge or push dodge. Granted, this is only if you could get into goal range while staying within you melee. But if you could (which it looked like you could) it would have been much safer. He would roll 1 less die, and a KD doesn't matter because you can clear it and the ball doesnt scatter away. 

Regardless, fun game to watch and congrats on the win. 

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I'd rather hear the sound of 2 glasses hitting eachother and feel the foamspatter on my face than hear the clicks of bricks being moved and the slurry sound of them ending up in mortar - let alone getting bloches of the stuff on my shirt!  I'd rather reek of beer!


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