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Vengeance 2017! Dates and ticket availabillity

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On 01/01/2017 at 0:49 PM, Jon Bucket said:

It's up on the Vengeance Facebook page - you are number 40 on the list.

Cheers mate.

Any chance this thread can be updated though? As someone who is not on facebook it would be nice to have some more info :D

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8 hours ago, JJLayfield said:

Cheers mate.

Any chance this thread can be updated though? As someone who is not on facebook it would be nice to have some more info :D

Until the someone updates the first post...

1 Dries Haemhouts
2 Mat Hart
3 Rich Loxam
4 Bad Dice Cannon
5 Straw!
6 Parker!!
7 Jamie Giblin
8 Chris Hay
9 Steve Newton
10 Jack Newton
11 Chris Rutter
12 Owen Rutter
13 Grantt Ennis
14 Marcel Dowideit
15 Sherwin Matthews
16 Keith Wilkinson
17 Daniel Knauss
18 Alexander Horn
19 Werner Schosser
20 Eleanor Bridge
21 Henry Kay
22 Aaron Wilson
23 Rob Taylor
24 Jak Thraves
25 Debra Bligh-Wall
26 Nick Tighe
27 Adam Tudor
28 Martin Thirwell
29 Phil Bowen
30 William Anderson
31 Benedikt Bliestle
32 Tim Wischniowski
33 Daniel Schmidtke
34 Christoph Mückenheim 
35 Martin Koch
36 Ross Baker
37 Billy Fitzmaurice
38 Tom Panah
39 Paul Preston
40 John Layfield
41 James Coleman
42 Andrew Nicholas Jones
43 Dan Bailey
44 Lee McDonald
45 James Clarke
46 Corey Davies
47 Jade Jones (1)
48 Jade Jones (2)
49 Sam Wood
50 James Lee (1)
51 James Lee (2)
52 Jonathan Leigh
53 Jon Bucket
54 Ryan Newland
55 Barrie Voice
56 Oliver Visick 
57 Matt Swann
58 Stuart Phillips
59 Paul Sutton
60 Max Todd
61 Michael Myers
62 James Kingswell
63 Steve Margetson
64 Michael Coomber
65 Darrin Massingham
66 Jason Mountain
67 Richard Alderson
68 Anna Morley
69 Steven Easton
70 CJ Tamplin
71 Andrew Gibson
72 Andrew Thompson
73 Thoomas Simms
74 Daniel Harwood
75 Simon Coates
76 Peter O Sullivan
77 James Long 
78 David Downs
79 Robert Barnforth
80 Steven Atkinson
81 Matthew Best
82 David Millington
83 Alexander Schweizer
84 Trev Moffat
85 Neil Peckett
86 Pash Korniyenk
87 Jon Pugh
88 Edward Churchman
89 Tom Pickard
90 John Parish
91 Damian Stewart
92 Greg Day
93 Sam Page
94 Daniel Adams
95 Richard McCalley
96 Laurie Saffin
97 Natasha Tombs
98 Chris Smith
99 Jay Clare
100 Billy Fitzmaurice
101 Craig Butler
102 Kevin Horseman
103 Daniel Garnett
104 David Riley
105 Matthew Burns
106 David Dyson
107 Adrian Roberts
108 Geoff Porritt
109 Koen Vliegen
110 Martin Almand
111 Will Esland
112 James Esland
113 Ben Clapperton
114 Kyle Buckley
115 Mark Griffiths
116 Si Mooney
117 Jonny Fenton
118 Martin Rockenfeller
119 Dave Rider
120 Jaque Skorpen
121 David Booker
122 Owen Bell
123 Rob Smith
124 Edward Halliday
125 Nathan Foster
126 Lee Dowbekin
127 Thomas Wilson
128 Brandon Watkins

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I've posted on the Facebook page but I've had no reply yet so posting here incase you missed it. I'm unable to make this event as a personal matter clashes with it. Please could you allocate my ticket (Sam Wood) to someone else and issue you me a refund. 


Many thanks

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Hey guys!!


Sorry this thread has gone unused im prolifically bad when it comes to forums but its not acceptable to neglect those of you who use Facebook so i will make a conscious effort going forward to keep this updated!!


Few things you have missed...Every vengeance attendee gets a shiny goal token for free!! check out below!!


Also on the Saturday evening there are a few fun things going on! Firstly Mat Hart and Rich Loxam are both in attendance so will be doing a short Q&A on the Saturday evening, as well as Steamforged Games attending and live streaming the top table throughout the weekend!

The Element Games North West Gaming Centre are offering a large Domino's pizza and a drink for £10! whats better than pizza and a beer and us all hanging out and having a laugh right?

The options are as follows:

Original - Cheese & Tomato
Pepperoni - Double Pepperoni
BBQ - BBQ sauce, Chicken, Ground Beef
Spicy - Jalapeno peppers & Tandoori Chicken
Hawaiian - Ham & Pineapple
Veggie - Peppers & Onions

I would ensure you do this quick by sending via friends and family paypal £10 to guildballinformer@gmail.com stating your name or all names you are paying for and pizza choices!

Need these ASAP guys!



- Again apologies for the lack of updates guys i will ensure this is regularly checked and updated going forward along with an updated player list! 





vengeance goal 1.jpg

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