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A Special Thank You

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I just won the championship in my local Game Store, having gone undefeated playing the Butchers!

I want to thank the Lawyers' Guild for weaponizing my understanding of the game, and the many Butchers playing stalwarts on this forum! Without you guys, I don't think I could have pulled it off. 

I come away feeling like the Butchers have a lot of options. Thanks again guys, your discussions really put me ahead of the pack. 

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I used a fairly vanilla base of Ox, Brisket, Boiler, Princess, and Shank. Depending on the team, I would swap in Meathook, Tenderizer, or Boar.

Of the the three swap in players, I used Tenderizer the most. Many of the teams in our League were scoring based, and with Big T on the field I only conceded one goal the entire season in the games he was being used. It was a five dice shot from Velocity, and even with Tenderizer that was a shot that was going to be a sure goal. Never got to use Rush Keeper, but its threat was definitely a factor. 

Meathook went in against the Brewers with the thought that her added bleed would help mitigate their tough hides. It worked well in that match, but wouldn't end up using her again until the semi-finals.

Boar only saw play in two games, I wanted to keep him as a kind of trump card late in the season. We were all new to Guild Ball, so my opponents were so busy trying to handle him that it made it a little easier to run the rest of the game in a manner that favors the Butchers.

Fillet bumped Ox for the semi finals in a squad that included Boiler, Brisket, Shank, Meathook, and Princess. I had never used her before, but managed to set up a four player simultaneous take out with her legendary play. Fillet seems very high risk, high reward and needs more time in my team to get familiar with her.

I learned a lot about our favorite team during this season. Little things like passing the ball and using teamwork actions to move my slower players into range, despite risking the ball. Using Shank in a Fisherman like capacity by unexpectedly dodging out of engagement, charging a wounded enemy in possession of the ball, and then dodging out and taking a three dice shot on goal. 

I didn't use any Union players mostly because I wasn't sure how to leverage them effectively. That said, I have a better idea of how and when to use Union players in the future.

The League was a ton of fun, and it gave me the chance to play against teams that my friends don't have. It was a little intimidating playing against strangers, but it was a rewarding experience. I strongly recommend giving a league a chance if you have the opportunity. Thanks again everyone, you guys really improved my game.  

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