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Double Dodge Episode 10 - Audentes Fortuna Luvat

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Double Dodge Episode 10 is live!


We are also on iTunes:


In this episode we speak with Inaugural Guild Ball World Champion, Tim Wischniowski, about Worlds, Steamcon and the capricious winds of luck. Our good friend and Pundit, Tim ‘Gonzo’ Wyatt also joins us and relates his non-stop, no-sleep Steamcon experience. We talk madness, drunkenness, huge plays and questionable life choices as we explore how Fortune favours fools. Double Digits! Double Tims! Double Dodge!

Thanks for the feedback and suggestions, please keep them coming either here on the forums or on Twitter via @dubdodgecast @stubbyholders and @scrub_random

Double Dodge is sponsored by Nerdvana Games SA https://nerdvanagamessa.com/ and Soupcan http://www.soupcan.com.au


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Great episode! Agree about Tim's humility. Honestly he deserves a bit of bragging, wouldn't you say? :)

Good to hear from y'all and Tim and Tim about Season 3. Looking forward to following everyone's progress across the guilds. 

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I was lucky, like i said, i thought it would be a coin flip,  because I totally didnt thought about the Counterattack.

And to be honest i had 3 good games and had the impression that it was a high skill environment and would have been totally okay with losing one or more of the games.  

I didn't intended to sound bragging,  i just wanted to explain that I actually though a bit before doing stupid/risky stuff. Even if I actually fucked up doing what I planned or fail math.

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5 hours ago, Stubbyholders said:

Dave loves to hear about my Mist charge on obby needing 6, 4+ dice and i got 7 for a match winning position..... it can just happen.

Choo Choo MF

I don't like to hear about it. I am still sad about it. Bloody magic dice ...

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