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The new version of Vassal is up for the Kick Off release...


Changes: A lot of stuff has changed with this release. Here are some CliffsNotes of the main changes.

2660.png Every Player Cards has been replaced. 
2660.png Rebuilt the Card store in the back end so both use a single Stacked Layer rather than duplicating (means less likely for one to have an error)
2660.png Every player has had to have it's data updated (Due to Icy Sponge changes, also some needed Wounds and Influence changed too).
2660.png Checked and updated where necessary Melee Ranges.
2660.png Changed/removed/added special ability auras where necessary. 
2660.png Sorted through the tokens each player used, added new ones, and removed any that were no longer in used.
2660.png Added Season 3 plots to the Plot window and individual cards to the Rooster for Campaign games.
2660.png Added new Defend the Ground AoE and updated Natures Growth with a 2 Inch aura.
2660.png Added 4" Tap In aura for the Goal [Ctrl + T].
2660.png Rebuilt the back end code for scoring (to make it easier to update in the future, changed the report function, and added Mascot scoring).

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I've played with and edited several Vassal modules.  Whenever something really sucks in a module (and generally speaking, something always does), I'm compelled to find out why and try to fix it.  I've also spent the last year or so contributing to the Warmachine/Hordes module.


The Guild Ball module is easily the best Vassal module I have ever used.  It impresses up front, and doesn't let down.  My sincerest thanks to everyone who puts their hard work into this.

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