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      Union in Chains Pictures   10/14/2017

      With union in chains in full swing, everyone wants to upload a few pictures with their battle report (they're highly recommended to ensure your report is accepted as valid). Check the Union in Chains section for some handy advice (and user avatars) before you start!  
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Hi from Wichita, KS

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New player here from Wichita Kansas. Pretty much just playing with my 13 year old son right now, as none of the shops around here carry the game, and there really isn't any kind of a scene that I know of. Hoping with the upcoming release of Kick Off that it picks up some steam around here, as I would love to play in some events. 

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I am in Wichita and just learning the game. It seems there are a few others in town in the same boat. Derek at Hero Complex will order whatever we want, and he will carry any game that gains traction in the area.

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