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German Live Stream Record Thing

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As a german in principle i like it, just have some points i'd like to point out.

1) Though that aerial view is nice to see the whole field, it is really difficult to quickly grasp which model is which. Pretty much the only butcher i recognize is Boar... Might have been mitigated if you would have had some sort of introduction to the teams that are being played. But as the only cam (other than the dice) this makes for a hard time to follow that match report.

2) 15 Minutes of nothing but your logo on screen are... harsh... Since this is not the actual live stream you could and probably should have cut all but a few seconds of that

3) though it might feel silly comment more on what you are doing, that starts while  allocating influence and would be best with pretty much all game.

I hope you keep it coming though and maybe get some more feedback from the community and improve your reports even further.


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Quality of speech wasn't a problem for me. Might be a little better with mics, but i'd rather have another angle from which i CAN recognize the players.

Too expensive for this year. Maybe next.

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