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Worms Ball Tournament in Worms, Deutschland

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Guten Tag, Guild Ball Enthusiasten und Würfelklopper!

Der 1. Tabletop Worms e.V. lädt wieder dazu ein, die Würfel glühen zu lassen!

Am 30.10 findet in Worms, Rheinlandpfalz unser drittes Turnier statt. Wir würden uns selbstverständlich über rege Teilnahme freuen, die Modelle bewegen sich nicht von allein! ;) 

Die Anmeldung erfolgt über T3, Teilnahmegebühr beträgt 10€.


Aktuelle Anmeldungen: 



Genannte und weitere Informationen könnt ihr hier finden: https://www.tabletopturniere.de/t3_tournament.php?tid=17754


MfG, Matthias

sowie der gesamte Vorstand des 1. Tabletop Worms!


Good day, Guild Ball enthusiasts and dierollers!

The 1. Tabletop Worms e.V. again invites you to let the dice glow!

On 30th September our third tournament is organized in Worms, Rheinlandpfalz, and ofcourse we happily invite you to take part in it! Obviously the models won't move themselves. ;) 

Registration takes place in T3, participation fee is 10€.


Current participation:



Mentioned and further Informations can be found here: https://www.tabletopturniere.de/t3_tournament.php?tid=17754

Kind regards, Matthias

and the whole board of directors of the 1. Tabletop Worms!

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Another one bites... I mean... ANOTHER ONE!

We want to invite you to our Tournament in our new Club Housings! For a mere 10 € you can participate in our 4th Guildball Tournament that is happening on the 25th February!

For registration please visit here https://www.tabletopturniere.de/t3_tournament.php?tid=18440

As prizes we have dice, terrain and more! The last Tournament Giveaway for the 1st place was vGraves. Let's see what it is this time. ;)



Our new Club Housing. A little reverb-ish, but enough space for 20 participants.

And here's the best: We have a fridge and a coffee flatrate! :D 


We hope you can take time to visit, there are hundreds of parking spaces (literally) and an elevator if you need one. 

And don't forget to bring some fun. :) 


Participants so far



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Aaaaaand it's done. Our fourth tournament had six participants in the end, but it was still great to play! Thanks a lot to those who participated. Pictures will follow. :) 

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