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Vassal ball tournament

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Ok so heres the deal:

Vassal ball tournament to commence on the 17th (Mon) of October.

I will be taking registrations from now until the 15th. 
I will attempt to form pairings consummate with the number of players.  Additionally the tournament will follow a Swiss structure - first past the post.  

Each week there will be 1 round, whereby players will have to ORGANISE their own match ups.  If two players cannot come to an equitable agreement then the game will be considered a draw.  

Results must be in by 07:00 the following Monday EAT (Eastern Australian time [GMT +10:30]).

iE the round starting on the 17th, you must have results in by the 24th etc.

I will post the draw by 16:00 EAT each Monday.


Each player must pick a faction, and register a list of 9 players (1 or 2 captains may be used).  The nine includes 1 mascot, and any captains you take.  

There will be a prize for the ultimate winner (I haven't figured out what yet - but am open to suggestions and/or donations).  

Please tell your friends and let's have a good turn out :).

Any questions please PM me.

Also please reply in this post to register for the tourney.

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