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Painted Brewers and Engineers for sale

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I can't see the links and the Guild Ball Player's Club fb page hasnt accepted me yet to look at them! But I'd be pretty interested most likely. Where are you located and how much were you thinking for each guild?

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Anyone interested send me an email and I'll send the pics...... ged41uk@hotmail.com



Really nicely painted. £100 + postage

Tapper, Friday,Hooper, Stave. Spigot, Stoker, Mash ( not in pic ) + Hemlocke, Rage and Gutter. Barrel goal made by Chris Hay.

20 Original Brewers Dice, 1 set of Retail Templates, all cards in hard sleeves. Set of Brewers Tokens ( SFG )



Nicely painted. £50 + postage

Ballista, Collosus,Mainspring,Ratchet, Salvo and Velocity plus a Template set and 20 Engineers dice. Make a good cheap starter team for someone.



I'm in Manchester ( UK )

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