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First turn kicking

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So still not having tons of games under my belt I feel that when I have to kick off to start the game I am playing too cautious with my Ox led team.  I tend to hang back so as to protect the goal and keep my team within aura range but out of the opponent threat range. The obvious problem is however that I am not generating any momentum.  My thought has been to allow the game to come to me but wanted to see in general how other people handle this. 

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So in my ox lead lineup i will either kick with Brisket or Gutter (usually Gutter). People are scared of gutter. she gains you threat range. Have boiler Swift stance her and OX/or shank. Then move the puppy and Have Brisket dirty knoves someone. This should give you the opportunity to bring ox up in a position where gutter can go crazy and be in his aura, with shank following up also inside his aura. You should be able to net 4-6 momentum quite relianly late in the first turn and possibly a take out.

If you kick with Brisket put it in the direction least favourable for your opposition to move in (i.e they will get smashed if they go there). Even if your last two activations are brisket and shank you should get some decent momentum.

It does all depend on who you are playing though. If you do decide to sit back, spend turn one sitting just out of range as a unit. Then as they will need to commit forwards move to engage. If they are not playing to your game send brisket in to tackle and likely score if they are still that close to goal. Give her 4 influence, sprint 6", attack for momentous tackle, one for super shot if you need the extra distance, or attack again for momentum to bonus time, and then one for a shot with the momentum she generated. It may seem like a kamikaze kind of move but you can dodge back 4" with the goal momentum if you want and it will tempt his players forwards. Remember she is a 5+ 1 vs males with unpredictable movement so she is hard to pin down and will require a lot of their influence or player resource to pull off.

Anyway good luck bro

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