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New player kicking off in Sydney

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Hello all!

Fresh blood reporting in from Sydney Australia.  Only started looking into Guild Ball since I hear there's an up and coming farmers guild and boy am I hooked on the theme and lore.

Hoping to find other players in the Sydney area or even spark interest in new players in Sydney

Does anyone know if the official store ships to Australia?  I'm not sure if there's a retailer in Sydney.

Cheers! :D

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G'day mate, and welcome!

I too am new to the game and decided to take the plunge and pick up some Brewers.

I am based on the Central Coast (an hour Nth of Sydney), but will be travelling to Sydney a couple of days a week for uni. With a bit of luck some games can be organised with some players in the area, depending on the day.

As per your question regarding FLGS in the area, I believe there is a Good Games in the city somewhere which has a couple of players. Also I believe there is Hall of Heroes at Blacktown (I think...) and Penrith. Also, The Combat Company (Sutherland Shire I believe) has a big online presence and a store to play.

Currently on the Central Coast I am yet to hear of any other players, but I plan to try and run some games (if there is anyone willing to try the game) in my local Good Games (Gosford)..... and with a bit of luck a little community may sprout.


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My regular FLGS is in Hornsby. 

No one there has even heard of Guild Ball.

I'm thinking i'll have to do a bit of networking to find the Sydney players.

I did locate the Good Games at Town Hall.

I'm thinking of printing out the paper models and doing a demo for people in Hornsby to see if people want to play there.

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From what I've read, a lot of the Sydney players meet up at Town Hall. I think they've even had a few tournaments there. However, I've no idea how many guild ball players there actual is these days. Unfortunately, the Australian guild ball group on facebook is relatively inactive compared to earlier this year when Matt Hart (co-creator of GB) ventured to Cancon in January. Hell, even the "Australian National Championships" in Brisbane (held in Sept), from what I can tell on facebook, only has about 9-12 participants.... according to the "event" raised, and the number of players who have slotted themselves in as attending.

All in all, if an outsider were to look in and peruse the 'scene', it would not look promising.

At my FLGS, I have managed to draw in one gamer thus far, who recently purchased a complete Morticians team. Hopefully, with some more games being played between the two of us, more interest could be garnered in my immediate area *fingers crossed*. I also, have a mate who has shown interest, but has stated that the time is not quite right for him to jump in. Other than that, 99% of the rest of the gamers at my FLGS are to wrapped up in card games, x-wing, or 40K.... and sadly enough, have never heard of GUILD BALL either. But this may change, with the provision of more exposure to the game.... more will jump on board.

Printing out the paper miniatures and running demos is a grand idea! A lot of gamers seem to be a sceptical bunch sometimes, and with a few demos being played.... who knows, a couple may get the GB bug and want to jump right in. 

What guild are you looking to start for yourself?

Good luck!!

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