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The Salty Guild Ball Sea--21st August

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Would you like to play in a guild ball tournament with a McDonald's 10 minutes walking distance from the venue?

Would you like to play in a guild ball tournament with a KFC 10 minutes walking distance from the venue?

If you don't want to brave the worrying streets of the north, stay inside the venue and buy stuff from the tuck shop!


As per usual this will follow the usual tournament rules. Bring 8 fully painted models (This includes basing) and pick 6. The more official type out of these rules are below.

1. "‘It’s not over, ‘til it’s over’ In this format a tournament takes place over a set number of rounds with the victor and runners up being determined only after the final round has been completed. Use the table below to determine the number of rounds recommended based on the number of Players at the tournament." 4 Rounds

2. "‘Play to the final whistle’ Games are played to a 12 VP win condition." 

3. "‘Team Tactics’ Chess clocks are set to 45 minutes per Player. Admin/Clocked out time is 20 minutes total with clocked out Players being allowed 1-minute activation. Round length is 110 minutes total." 



Not to mention that this tournament is run by one of the infamous Stockport 5. There are 16 seats available, paypal 10 GBP to 'owen.rutter.3@gmail.com' and choose the friends/family option.


Beanie Games 26 Bishopton Lane

Stockton on Tees

TS18 2AA


Player List

1. Quinn Duggan

2. Chris 'Who Cares' Rutter

3. 'Dead' Steve Atkinson

4. Craig Butler

5. Darren 'Badger Attack' Longworth

6. Stevie Date

7. Russell 'Hyperactive' Hunt

8. Dave Dawson

9. Michael Dawson

10. Johnny 'BadDice' Cannon

11. Simon 'The Deviant' Moony

12. Andrew 'The Colon' Snowdon

13. Kevin 'Dark Horse' Stace

14. Eddie Chater


16. Christopher Smith







Owen Rutter/Padawan

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On 7/23/2016 at 10:09 PM, Padawan said:

Notice: This venue is now at Beanie Games in Stockton!

Only just sunk in that is on a Sunday and I will probably die (or feel like I have done) after the travel. Sorry to say I gotta drop, so hopefully someone from the waitlist can hop in next. Catch the northerners at SteamCon?

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The final standings should be up, if not I'll sort it out at the weekend, I don't currently have internet but I can sort it at the weekend :)

Yep they're up, I didn't click a button

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