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The Who Cares Who Wins Rusty Cup 2017

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Sold Out at 64 players 

Welcome one and all to The Rusty Cup



We invite you to a new shiny gaming venue (well, new to us at least) for a tournament hosted by the second best Podcast related to Guild Ball in the world. 




For the astonishingly good price of twenty five pounds you have the opportunity to take part in this 64 person tournament held over Saturday 25th and Sunday 26th March 2017 (yes it’s a long way off so there’s no excuses) in sunny York.




For your £25 you’ll get the opportunity to play 6 rounds of guild ball (4 on the Sat, 2 on the Sunday), have a microphone shoved in your face for a two bit podcast, eat a delicious and included in the price buffet lunch (that’s sandwiches, crisps and stuff) and even come drinking in York where we may (or may not) reenact the wonderful night the legend of the Stockport 5 was forged.




There will be clapping, trophies galore, cleanliness, light, comfortable temperatures, working toilets and most importantly Badges! 




Tournament pack to follow, it’ll follow the standard sanctioned rules.  6 players from 8, single captain and mascot, 45min clock, first to 12 vps (subject to change depending on the organized play document in places at that time).




To take us up on this once in a year, possibly never to be repeated if this ones a disaster, offer all you have to do is paypal £25 as a gift (as in to friends and family) to jsnewton33 AT hotmail.com and put your name / guild ball in the message box.




Tickets are strictly limited to 64 so get in quick.

Unfortunately because of the payment arrangements with the venue we cannot refund cancelations made less than 7 days prior to the event - you can of course pass your ticket on tome someone else as long as you let us know. 




For the purposes of hotels/ travel etc this is the venue address:




The Folk Hall


Hawthorn Terrace


New Earswick




YO32 4AQ


Fastest shit off the shovel award goes to:

1) Rob Smith

2) Jonathan Leigh

3) Greg Day (they are selling so fast I've lost track who got third!)

4) Luke Foster

5) Bjorn Lefevre

6) Geoff Porritt

7) Sam Wood

8) Chris Smith

9) Jack Newton

10) Owen Rutter

11) Jason Greenwood

12) Alex Hall

13) Snowey

14) Darren Watson

15) Russell Watson

16) Bryce "Don't let him Win, he's only coming to check I still know the rules" Johnston

17) Chris Hay


19) James Reeves

20) Rob Balmforth

21) Kev Stave

22) Martin Edwards


24) Steve Atkinson

25) Jamie ' The Swedish Thought Criminal' Bryce

26) James Clarke

27) Ben Redmond

28) Jacob Redmond

29) Dominic Lee

30) Barry Nixon

31) Simon Coates

32) Mark Southerd

33) David Mustin

34) JJ

35) Ian Lord Marley

36) Johnny 'Bad Dice' Cannon

37) Craig Butler

38) Russel George

39) Charles Nursar (in for Andrew Jones)

40) Trevor Moffat

41) Neil Peckett

42) Mark Shepherd

43) Stuart Phillips



46) Eddie


48) David 'not that one' Cameron

49) Tomas Lenton

50)  Stephen Easton

51) Anna Morley

52) Mike Curry

53) Jamie 'the spy' Giblin 

54) Jay Fininininininigan

55) Edward Churchman

56) Pat Vance


58) Kev Horseman

59) Mark Muslek

60) Peter O'sullivan

61) Barry Voice

62) Oliver Visick


64) Maria Wieland


Reserves - 8 places - first come first served! 


Important parts extracted from the Tournament Pack since the forum is shit:

Timings, these are approximate and while we won’t start any earlier we will try and keep things moving along to get an earlier finish if possible


Day 1 Sat

9.30 – 10 Registration

10.20 (sharp) – 12.00 Round 1

12.10 – 13.50 Round 2

13.50 – 14.30 lunch – later lunch to make up for a later start

14.30 – 17.10 round 3

17.10 – 18.50 round 4

We will be making our way into town to eat, drink, make merry and cause civil unrest from about 8pm


Day 2 Sun

9.30 doors open

Round 5 10am (Sharp) – 11.40

Round 6 11.40 – 13.20

13.20-14.00 – prizes, buy flowers for the mother in your life and go home.



Being a sanctioned event the rules pack will follow the Regional Cup format available on the Steamforged Games website.  In summary (SF Rulespack takes precedence in event of conflicts) .


Tournament length – 6 rounds

Match Win Conditions – 12 VP’s (unless you are playing midus in which case I might make it 20 for you to win.)

Round Length – 45min clock each with total round length of 100mins

Team Roster Selection – 9 models comprising 1-2 captains, 1-2 mascots, 4-7 team members (original and veteran allowed).  Maximum of one Union per roster (unless you are playing union)

Match Roster Selection – alternating player picking

Fully painted is a requirement, obviously.





Rusty Cup 2017 tournament pack.docx

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2 hours ago, WaPMart said:

Paid - Martin Thirlwell


You gonna be allowed away by then? ? I'll probably stay over for this one rather than drive back like I did at vengeance, messy Saturaday night inc!

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47 minutes ago, MarkShep said:

You gonna be allowed away by then? ? I'll probably stay over for this one rather than drive back like I did at vengeance, messy Saturaday night inc!

Yeah should be fine matey. Going to have to bail on the British Champs though.  

If I get a pass for sat eve it will be big boozes!!

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