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      Training Ground   02/14/2018

      There’s a new section in the guild ball area designed to help rookies, but it needs others to help out - why not write a post for it? Anything that’s good for people to know, whatever faction they’re starting out with!
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Taco Bowl [Montreal, QC - July 3rd]

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We are running our first tournament in Montreal on July 3rd, the Taco Bowl.

It will be run at the new Gamers' Vault location, at 1515 Decelles, in Montreal.  Registration at 10, dice at 10:30. 

Painting is not required. We have 16 spots, half of them already reserved. We will only run 3 rounds.  All prize support will be given away as participation prizes, top 3 is for bragging right only.

For more info (mostly in French) check our FB event:

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