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Bob The Builder

An Alternate Futere, Season X - Part One Seamstresses

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Hello Guild Ballers!

Bob here with yet another link to my blog: Read up on it here!

This time I've created some more characters fitting a 'new' guild.  Seamstresses (since concubines or whores sounds a bit offensive?)

First you'll have a bit of fluff around existing characters and the relation they have with this new guild.  After you'll find some players for that new guild.

I did not spell-check this and only just finished up on writing it, so if you want to share your thoughts, I'm open to suggestions/corrections.

If you read my blog regularly you'll find the story I've used also touches this part of my blog. Where I have some fiction up on the Brewers after season 2.


Hope you enjoy the read!

See you soon!

Bob Out.


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