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Thinking of starting Morticians and have questions

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So after painting my Brewer starter set and not having played a game with them yet I am already thinking of buying a new team and I'm leaning towards Morticians.

I have a few buyers questions:

1) Starter set: buy or not? Obulus is a must (I think) but are the other two models any good? 

2) What players do I add? Silence, Bonesaw (I don't want to use any Union models so I'll probably need a striker), Ghost or Casket?


My main opponent will be Fishermen (currently only have the starter set painted but looking to add to them when I order Morticians


Thanks in advance.

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Obulous, Dirge and Silence are in any team I make.  If you insist on sticking with Morts only, then Bonesaw probably has to be there.

Vs almost anyone but Fish, Ghast goes in - but he is much less effective vs Fish. You really need speed and/or 2" reach.

So your last 2 are probably Graves & Cosset.

Oh, and welcome to the Dark Side :)

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I'm new to the Morticians myself but as my main opponent is also Fishermen I can tell you Cosset is amazing against them. 

She has the speed to be able to catch them and the damage (when the bird is nearby) to take them out without any trouble. 

Her main problem in general is that she's very squishy. 4+/0 but again the fish are probably the least likely team to be able to take advantage of this. Just keep her away from Sakana/gutter and corsair if they're across the table! 

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Cosset and Graves are actually top notch against fish.  Since you will probably be going for more of a killy team against fish usually I don't think Bonesaw is mandatory.  If you  are building a Mortician only team specifically against fish I would go.  Ghast is pretty immune to them and great at control with really low KD results.  He also is a great charger against Corsair and get get off really strong unmasking if they mistakenly bunch up.  

  • Obulus
  • Dirge
  • Silence
  • Ghast
  • Cosset
  • Graves

Your general strategy will be to get the ball and then play keep away while your morticians kill off the fish.    This can be as simple as having dirge just run around with the ball away from the fish or if necessary kicking the ball deep towards their side.  Really you are just trying to buy turns because they rarely can go head to head with you in a straight up fight.  Bonus points if you can get Graves to their back lines because with damaged target he controls and almost 2ft zone on the table where they can't bring players on because he will just go kill them again.


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Many tend to not use Ghast against Fisher, and I was one of them at first, too. But when you get the hang of him, he starts to be really efficient against them. Don't forget his rising anger and fear! In round 1 I usually move him up by running and in turn two he goes swinging wildly like no tomorrow. If you use Obulus, you can also pull someone close enough to make a charge possible for Ghast, he's top notch. I tend to use the momentum knockdown even after a charge, as you will need the momentum. Hide the ball behind him, and everything needs to move around Ghast to get the ball. If you start the second turn go in for two or three knockdowns or even an unmasking. Though I prefer to use it againstthe Fish when I really want to finish 1 to 3 of them off. I know you said you don't want Union models, but if you want to deal some insane damage with Cosset and Ghast, you could need him.  (Not required though)
Also he can counter attack and easily do his KD. If you get the net hits, you can also do KD 2 damage, as counter attacks don't generate momentum, so the choice is always KD 2 damage over a simple KD.

A lineup I am going to use in our Figo will be something around this








You have three models with 2" reach and Graves is actually a good striker. He doesn't have a lot of kick range, but 3/6 is respectable. He can also charge 2" further when the target is damaged.

Cosset is a musthave if you want to TO them. Charge in with Confidence on a crowded out Shark or the like and you get 14 to 16 die. If he is KD you should get around 10 to 12 damage alone with the charge.


If you want to use Bonesaw you should not forget that he's an opportunist. He charges in, :T::>>: out of harms way with one result and uses the momentum earlier generated to kick a goal. If he has the ball, charge in and use football dervish. That way you want to make sure he has the ball with the last activation of the turn so he can start next round with posession of the ball and do this. Generate a momentum with a dodge and then use football dervish. About 2 or three inf is already enough on him in my experience, while Mist needs solid four when you want a goal with him. (which means you have a reason to use Bonesaw over Mist :) )

Silence is almost always in as he controls the enemy team and can actually finish of players with his nomentous :2: on two results. If you need to let your prey go last go in, damage an enemy, and use bonus time on shutout. I tend to attack two times to deal 4 (!!!) damage with him easily and using bonus time on shutout and tucked to destroy the enemy tactic. And if you really want to finish of someone with him, go in and deal 8 damage (butcher level damage, fyi ;)). 
He is also a strange Striker, with a tackle on 5 results. But with the support of Dirge he has kick 4/7.

Casket is cool when you are able to takeout the enemy captain with him, as that Captain's gone for the next round, as well as his influence and support. He uses his fould Odor to slow down you and your enemy team, has momentum heavy burden on a two and deals solid damage, the likes of Silence, but can also push the enemy around like a punching ball (I like to imagine him clubbing them with his Sarcophagus :D ). He only has 1" reach though, and only generates 1 influence and needs a good amount to do his thing, which makes him counter intuitive when you already play Ghast and Graves. BUT if you have put someone in the box, he doesn't that much anymore. But don't forget he can KD and also has the Momentous :2: on two results. He kinda does the same thing as Silence.
Oh, btw. The enemy is not just out for an additional round, he doesn't receive no icy sponge either. So take out in round one? First icy sponge in round 3! And you get 2 additionaly VP's from that kill.

Dirge is easily the fastest Mascot in the game ans also has follow up. He supports the kick range of silence and the damage of Cosset.
He has follow up and distracts the enemy and crowds him out. It's also pretty cool to deal one or two damage once in a while with a parting blow. Or tackle. :D

Cosset. Oh Cosset. You lovely, little, crazy bitch. Go and kill. Kill and go. She's the bane of my club mate, as she does a kill almost every turn after the first. She gets damage support by Dirge and Screeching Banshee in combination with Rabid Animal and Heavy Burden or the likes slows your enemy team down. Watch your mates face when you tell him Shark has -12/-12 movement. Oh, did I mention she does insane damage? Not like Honour, sure, but who does that anyway.

Now Graves, Graves is a little strange. He has the movement and the kick to shoot goals and :T: in column one. But he also does bleed when you damage your target! Oh the decisions. If you want to activate him you need to determine for yourself what he should do. Shoot a goal or do damage. You can ofcourse do more damage after he did a goal, mind you. If you think your Filet is not bloody enough, go for it. ;) He needs a lot of practice though. But he works incredibly well with Bonesaw. If you ask me, his playbook should be Brewer like. Only five columns without the three damage and a non momentous :2: on two results above the momentous push, as his Scything Blow and Rabid Animal is rarely progging even when charging. If you do the math, it's not even 50:50 when you attack Def4 ARM1, but that's another discussion. Sorry for the rambling on that one. But I guess it's a dice game, so luck is always a thing. Also Confidence from Obulus is also a thing. ^^


Scalpel is way more demanding then Obulus, but klicks faster, though you will lack the 2" reach. She is insanely good in destroying your opponents plans. We had a thread here where... I will just quote Slothrop on that issue. Well written and pin point.

On vGraves and Vileswarm I can't go. Haven't tried them out yet. But I can imagine they are a devastating team with Casket.

On 19.5.2016 at 6:00 PM, Slothrop said:

She has a high skill ceiling but, with a bit of planning, has some of the most devastating activations in the game. Check this out:

You: Scalpel, Dirge, Avarisse & Greede, Rage, Mist, Silence

Them: Who cares

Turn 1
You win initiative and receive the ball. Allocate 6 to Scalpel, 1 Rage, 1 Avarisse, 1 Greede, 3 Mist, 1 Silence. You kill some activations with Silence and Dirge grabbing the ball, while the enemy carefully moves into position. Except they fuck up, and put somebody within 13" of Scalpel.
Scalpel goes, sprints, Legendary's that target within 1" of her. She spends her remaining 5 INF hitting that target 5 times, doing the 1 DMG + push/dodge to pull them an additional 5" onto your side of the pitch and doing 5 damage and generating 5 momentum. She could do one less if she needs to get Mist the ball. Or Greede helps Mist get the ball. When Mist gets the ball, he spends a momentum to jog 4" toward the goal or some terrain.
Your enemy is running out of activations. You delay by having Mist toss in a goal. 4-0.
Your enemy is really running out of activations, and can't extract your prey. Avarisse walks up and smacks your prey for a knockdown or some damage.
Your enemy might have the ball. Who cares? Rage charges your prey. He leaves the prey intentionally 8 HP with bleed on, or 6 HP if you think they will clear conditions.

Turn 2
You win initiative cause Rage, Avarisse, Scalpel, and your goal gave you 50 million momentum. Silence gets 4 INF, Scalpel gets 6, Rage 1, remaining 3 go to whoever. Silence opens the turn by hitting your prey twice for 2 Momentous damage each, leaving it at 1 HP. He Shutouts the prey, he Tucks somebody who isn't super important (Mascot?). 
Their Tucked idiot goes and hits somebody. You don't care.
Scalpel goes and gets to the highest-INF target within 10 inches of her and Tormented Agony's them until your prey is fully stacked with INF and her target has nothing. If possible, her last 2 attacks bring her target within 8" of Rage, who is still engaging your 1-HP, 4-INF prey.
Their turn. They probably do something, but their most in-danger characters are your prey (who is Shutout) and Scalpel's new friend (who has no INF). Whoever they do activate will likely do work, but not enough to stop Rage.
Rage goes, buys an attack on the prey, killing it and 4 INF. 6-0. Then he charges Scalpel's buddy, with 3 attacks about to pound into them, and they've already taken 8-10 damage from Scalpel. 8-0? Probably, maybe 8-4 if they are a good scoring team, but now you have the ball again. Also you have a million momentum again. Also you wasted 4 of their INF that was on one of their best players. 

That is what Scalpel does. No, you won't do it every game, but it's totally plausible on most teams, and all it needs is the opponent going within 13" of Scalpel, so, ya know, 5" away from center line in front of her. In games you don't do this exact thing, Scalpel will still be walking around threating 6- and 8-point turns for your team. This is even what I'd call a "gimmick lineup" for this exact play, too. A&G aren't necessary, they just make this specific opener perfect. She works with almost our whole roster well, in my experience so far. 

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21 hours ago, ArjanOudekerk said:

Thank you for your replies. I ordered the starter, Dirge, Ghast, Silence, dice and tokens along with Greyscales and Sakana for my fisherman opponent.

Can't wait to start painting them.

Good call, Silence and Ghast are amazing.

With Obulus, you'll probably end up dropping Graves for Mist, but Graves is really good with Scalpel.


I know you said you don't want Union, but Mist is CRAZY with Obulus. (Well, Spooks generally)

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So a general question as I am also considering Morts for my second team. As game plans are match specific ... what is the general idea of this heavily control oriented team?  Is it to slowly pick apart the other team with TO or to be opportunistic with goals?  They don't seem very shooty to me but I could see playing as a 2-2 ... what do you all typically aim for?

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Usually looking for 4-1 but 2-2 can also work.

Aim to get (at least) a 6-point activation with your captain of choice.

Pick your fights.

Stop your opponent from doing what they want to (by either changing activation orders, stealing momentum, etc).

Score with Mist

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0-3 is also perfectly reasonable. Morticians are one of the best teams in the game at getting the ball back from the enemy, so you can make excellent use of Mist and keep the enemy team pinned down by Ghast while you do so.

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