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Right I have yet to play and so far just seen the abatoir away days videos (Butchers) and although getting the hang of it I am at a loss with a few things.


First, Activation. I know there is an initiative roll and then you alternate with activating but, is there a rule for activation? Less influence first, largest influence first or you decide who based on team tactics?


Second, Scoring. On the video they never seem to score any goals and they fight it out in the middle of the pitch (yes I know Butchers tend to just do this) but the end result is something like 12-4 to Butchers. So how in effect can you gain points without scoring goals? is this the momentum thing? 


These are the two really silly questions I know but bugging me for a bit now.

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16 minutes ago, Snorrarcisco said:

So scoring stops at 12 irregardless of number of turns and the likes.

You can score more than 12 VP, strictly speaking, since you can for instance score a goal after having already won 10 VP. The game ends as soon as one of the players gets to 12 though, yes. The other player doesn't get to try to come back, it's game over.

edit: if you choose to play until 12, of course. ;) 

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