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1st tournamen, Butchers take 2nd

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So we just started playing guild ball at my local shop and today we had our first tournament. First off I had a blast and even though there were only 8 of us it was a ton of fun. As it was our first tournament the group voted a few weeks ago and decided to play with only 6 player teams, so no sideboard. While I didn't agree with playing without sideboards it worked out fine. We also played with 45 minute clocks. At first the timer is very intimidating, but I played a few practice games this week on the clock and learned to deal with it. 


So my lineup was sort of limited to who I had painted, since I wanted to win best painted which I did. I ended up playing ox, princess, shank, boiler, Boar and gutter. Again with no sideboards I was worried about gutter especially since a few local players play alchemists. Luckily for me the alchemist player I got paired with game 1 was plying smoke.


So the first game pitted my Butchers against a Smoke led Alchemists. He had Smoke, Flask, Catalyst, compound, Mist, and Mercury. It was a very fun game, those guys have AOE s everywhere. I took out Compound twice, Catalyst once, and scored with Gutter. For the win I smacked the little robot with a Scything Blow, which also killed my Princess. All good I won 12-2


Game two was against Union ran by a buddy of mine. He ran Vet Rage, Coin, Decimate, Gutter, Fangtoooth and Harry the Hat. First off Vet Rage hits like a truck, and Harry is hilariously bad. He was definitely regretting trying the Hat out for the tournament, but we had a fun game regardless. Turn 1 I kicked off with Gutter, to my pleasure he ran right into my trap and brought Decimate up to grab the ball. He ended his activation close enough to me that I chain grabbed him with Gutter and sunk some damage into him. Then I don't remember what he did next but Decimate stayed put unblocked until my next activation where I charged Boar in and ripped his health down to nothing. I just love turn 1 takeouts. I was also able to take the ball with Shank and proceeded to play keep away and hit what I could. Turn 2 I was able to take out Vet Rage while he had his Legendary up, but not before he wrecked Ox. I scored with Shank and used a momentum for Run the length, which ended up being very advantageous. He kicked it out and a beautiful 6 inch scatter brought the ball back into Range of Shank. I won initiative, stacked up Shank, walked into someone hit twice for momentum on someone with low defense, then dodged away and had the bonus timed shot on goal for the win. 2 take outs 2 goal win for the Butchers.


And the final table was me against one of my close friends playing Ballista and the Engineers. He is a very good player, certainly better than I am, so it was a tough game for me. He ran Ballista, the little bug, ratchet, salvo, he borrowed my Rage model and finally he had Velocity. He used a combination of knockdowns and other ranged annoyance to keep me at bay. Turn 2 he threw up minefield as I started to close in, so that turn all I really could do is Dodge into Salvo and hit him pretty hard with Shank. Velocity then scored. 0-4 to him. Then he had initiative again and ended up taking both Boar and Ox out with Rage and the various ranged attacks. So it was looking pretty bleak at 0-8 vps. I took out Salvo with Gutter. Then it was either this turn or next that I took out Rage with Boiler. Gutter had the ball, and his little dumb mascot ended up stealing it off of her. He then kicked the ball toward my goal, and luckily for him it scattered right onto Velocity with no one around to be able to do anything to her. The mascot was over clocked or something so it blew up giving me another 2 vp. So Velocity shot and won him the game 12- 6. I jsut need to figure this matchup out, I have a hard time with Engineers with all their ranged stuff. It's also worth mentioning that everyone voted on open pitches for our first tournament so there was nothing to hide behind or use. O well I was happy for him and second wasn't bad for my first tournament.


Anyway it was fun, I love boiler, he hits really hard and I feel like I learned a few things.

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