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Basic Movement questions

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So I installed this today and had a play around with it, very impressed.

When walking myself through how I would play a game with it, I fpond it hard to mover around. I was using the context menu to rotate and then move an inch at a time. Keyboard short cuts helped smooth that experience out but I have a few questions..


Is there a way to see how far I moved a model if I dragged it with the mouse?


Is there a way to snap to the edge of an aoe or a aura?


Is there a way to undo a move? Or alternatively some way to premeasure? 

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Use Auras a lot, Need to move 5", put up a 5" aura, drag model so touching inside edge. It's more or less designed so you should never have to use a tape measure (they suck). There is a grey undo button in the top left. If you want to premeassure, lets say you want to know if a model will be in range of your 6" Character Play after moving, put a 6" aura up on the character you are targetting, put a move sized aura on your character, if they intersect you are in range. You can also clone models to check ranges.

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