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I love Guild Ball miniatures!!!

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On 01/05/2018 at 10:26 PM, ningu said:

That's a great guide! You make it look so easy :huh:

The pictures I've shown you may make it look easy, but I assure you there is many an expletive when I paint the tartan.

Looking though my pictures I realised i hadn't shown you a couple, I think it was mainly because the owner got a model a little early and Harriet I've not long completed.


Harriet is the second model I've painted from the Exiles box set, for me it's one of the best boxes Steamforged have done.


I've painted both of the Ratcatchers to match the pumpkin head themed Morticians I previously worked on.




As I've mentioned before my favourite model in the Guild ball range can change, this month and for the foreseeable future it's this Skulk version.

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Not had much time of late to work on some Guild ball stuff, personal projects, lovely weather and the World Cup run tend a have an effect on productivity. I have however been tinkering away on some of the Brewers so I thought I'd share a few pictures with yourselves.








I have to say these have been one of the most testing projects I've had for quite some time but now I'm nearing completion it is very rewarding indeed.

On 5/7/2018 at 8:19 AM, Furnace said:

Wow. How did you manage that skin on Skulk? That looks amazing. 

First off let me apologise for the very late reply, it wasn't my intent to be quite as ignorant as I have been. The skin was a nice simple mix of (|Citadel paints as per usual) Tallarn flesh plus Shadow grey, roughly a 50/50 mix. Once you've applied that give it a was of Agrax Earthshade, once dry another wash of Leviathan purple is added to the deeper recesses of the muscles. from that point you can reapply your base coat to highlight the skin and add white into the mix for added contrast. I hope that helps you out and sorry once again for the late reply.

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Style is of course subjective, so not going to get into whether these are better than the current official paint jobs  (they are 😉)

...but purely from a marketing point of view, your stuff is way more visually striking and fun to look at. SFG should go ahead and pay you money for this 


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