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Otter Welfare

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As you may know, a recent traumatic event has caused a certain Otter we all know and love to spiral out of control.

It all started with rumours in the locker room, players talking of a "squid" like mascot who would be brought in seemingly to replace poor Salt, after a while these rumours stopped and things went back to normal with Salt eagerly playing Guild Ball with his team succesfully winning game after game.

A few days ago a picture was shown around with a name "Tentacles", a squid!!!, the rumours were true..... horrified, Salt fled from the Guild House believing himself to be unwanted and unloved and was not seen since.

Today, pictures were sent in, some so horrible we cannot show them on a family friendly forum, only 3 were suitable to be published





Please, save an otter today and forget about squid-kind

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