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1st game of guild ball vs Morticians

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Hey guys,


new to the game. Just assembled my Butcher guild and now I am ready to play my first ever game of guild ball :). Currently I own the following models: Ox, Princess, Boiler, Shank, Gutter, Averisse&Greede and Tenderiser. I will be playing vs my friend next week who has Morticians. As I am reading the blogs I realized that the Morticians are tricky to play against. What are the general tactics I should use and what models are good against them? Grateful for any advice I get.



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What a coincidence, I was debating creating a new topic about my first game ever with butchers which happened to be against the spooks. So I am certainly not the best to give advice but I'd be happy to talk about the game. I usually play alchemists and my group has maybe 5 to 10 games under their belt so take that for what it is. My opponent is very good at miniatures games but slow to pick up new games so our other friend, who is also very good coached him play by play :(

My lineup was Ox, Princess, Brisket, Boiler, Shank, Decimate and while i dream of having Avarisse and Greede being that 6th, I have not acquired them yet. He ran Obulus, Dirge, Ghast, Cosset, Silence, Rage. He won the kickoff and chose to have Obulus kick me the ball projecting that far reaching puppet master threat. My plot cards set me up for a pretty solid counter attack with vengeance and rapid recovery so i looked to draw his team in to make a kill. I buff up brisket to absurd defense and throw her out front to bait the puppet master. He reels her in and generates a few momentum from activations but no significant damage. I realize momentum is not in my favor this turn so I have Shank kill the bird for my last activation which unfortunately opened him up to a charge from cosset to hurt him and end the turn.

The next turn he opens with rotating Obulus to the flank to finish off Shank and frustratingly puppet masters Ox to send him running denying both a counter attack and aura positioning for my team. I send Decimate to get stuck in alongside Brisket and use her dodgy playbook to swing around to engage Rage. I do what I can to trade blows and advance Ox, Boiler and, Princess forward for the next turn and realize again he is up a great deal of momentum thanks to the multiple Obulus swings and Ghast's Rising Anger, though i feel the momentum and poison brisket gained from it was worth it to heal my team up. At this point I am sweating bullets and feeling like I'm walking a tightrope. In retrospect I realize I was tightening the noose with my team position to pay off later.

He opens turn three with a shut out on Ox as we have a scrum in the middle with positioning favoring me with a devastating LP. Turn three sees me taking out Rage and Cosset while a knockdown scatter places the ball very close to his goal. This at last creates the VP threat needed for me to take control of the activation order. We trade blows and both decimate and Shank again goes down with me spending excess momentum to discourage Obulus LP and use heals to force him to activate key players to finish the job. The turn ends with the ball still loose near his goal and momentum very close 6 vps to 6 vps.

Spooks bring Cosset (and Rage) back in and has her open the turn scooping the ball and sprinting out to the flank Obulus is pressuring while setting Obulus up for the goal next activation. Ox starts us off already engaging Silence (8 to 6) and loaded for bear he uses LP and chops the bald spook up then advances to position aura and get that key first expensive swing on Ghast and knock the big man down. Obulus puppet strings cosset to make the pass and uses all his mojo to shoot on goal while also removing an influence from Bolier.  the dice deny him the goal, still (8 to 6). I lose my mind over the crazy power of a well positioned Ox LP and have Brisket chop Ghast into little pieces (10 to 6). He uses Dirge to screen Rage from Boilers charge, I re-position Princess and end the turn sprinting Boiler to land a love tap on Rage. I end the turn with a boat load of momentum, win the role and have Boiler seal the deal finishing the game.

The big take away from me is that all the pain and suffering is worth it for a well positioned Ox LP. Keep up the pressure, Butchers are all about momentum and position and Morts are all about denying and ruining both of those. Also I am counting the game as two victories, since I played against two people. Suck it Mahu and Carter :P


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