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Advice for a new Butcher

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So, guild ball play mats have ben restocked, and obviously I didnt want to pay postage on my order, so instead of the £3 postage I know own a 6 man butchers team.


I went with; Ox, Brisket, Boiler, Princess, Shank and Tenderizer. I was hoping before my first game people could give me some tips :)

My opponents play brewers, alchemists and fish.

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Try to assassinate the cat with Shank for two easy points. Brisket is a real pain for them (their only models who can hit her are male). They are probably going to be able to go in on someone and get takedowns, so try and set up to attack back. Boiler and Ox both have potential to take even tough hide players out in a single activation with a little setup. They're reasonably difficult to kill, and if Tapper goes in and takes one out, hopefully the other can kill Tapper on the backswing.


Shank is important again - try and keep him till the end of turn one to avoid giving Where'd They Go? to Midas. Ground Pound is scary too. Try and kill Midas (if he doesn't have clone up) or ignore him (if he does). Brisket is great again. Killing Vitriol is important, she's not tough but she is an excellent striker. 


Let Shank chase people down and cause problems for their strikers while Ox and Boiler murder their front line. Kraken, Jac and Fangtooth will all die in one or two activations if you can catch them with a little setup, and you don't need to worry too much about Ox getting killed before he can legendary. Watch out for Gutter if they take her. Accept that they're going to score first. If you can get on to Shark, kill him asap. Keep tenderizer near your goal, he slows them down quite a lot and if they miss a shot, you probably just win the game.

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