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Dr. Baloney

Guild Ball tourney at Boutique FdB in Gatineau [April 10th]

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This is the first Guild Ball tournament in the region. It will be a pretty casual event so we will be using the following set of rules suggested by Steamforged:




Tournament Length: “It’s not over, ‘til it’s over”


As many rounds as needed to have a single undefeated player.




Match Win Conditions: “Play to the final whistle”


Winner is first player to gain 12 Victory Points




Round Length: “Thinking time”


Chess clock are set at 50 minutes per player. If your clock runs out, you get 2 minutes per activation and your opponent gains a Victory Point at the end of each of your activations. Total round length of 125 minutes. If the round timer runs out, the player with the most Victory Point wins.




Team Roster Selection: “The First Team”


Select a Guild, a Captain, a Mascot, and 4 eligible models from you Guild and/or Union models working for your Guild.






Since this is our first event, having a painted team will not be mandatory. However, it will be encouraged by having more chances to win a prize if you have a fully painted team. All the entry costs of 10$ go toward prize support. If you have any questions please post below.



If you are interested in going to the event, let me know here or join the Ottawa Gatineau Guild Ball Club on facebook and say you are going to the event FdB Guild Ball tournament.

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