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The Black Orifice Guild Ball Masters - 9th & 10th July

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For those of you coming to the Open on the Saturday (or considering it), I'm going to arrange extra FREE events for anyone who wants to come along on the Sunday and join in the fun. Have a look at the first post for full details. You can play on the Sunday for free, meaning that at £12.50 this is probably the cheapest 2-day event you'll see!
There's still plenty of tickets left so grab yours now. PayPal £12.50 friends and family (or £13.07 if you want to make use of PayPal's protections) to malladin (dot) ben (at) googlemail (dot) com.
And for the Invitational...
The final invite has been accepted at second offer by Patrick Vance, so we're now full unless someone drops out. Practically everyone coming has won at least one event, and most are currently ranking in the top 16, so it's going to be a really tough field, bit will it be tough enough to stop a member of the Newton family from coming home with the trophy?

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Masters updates:

There are still spaces available for the Open on Saturday 9th July. Only £12.50 for a 5 game tournament and free gaming the Sunday. Get yourself a ticket to get in on this amazing weekend!

I have updated the rules pack. Slight tweaks so that the Open now adheres to the Regional Cup standard from the OP doc. 

In light of the Championship rules for Season 2 the Invitational will use the Championship team selection rules (9 players, can use 2 captains, play and counter play for team selection). Link: http://theblackorifice.co.uk/GBUK_Masters.pdf

Given the sad demise of Guild Ball Informer I will record the draw and release it on my own YouTube channel on Sunday 3rd July so that there's a week for some banter and smack talk between first round opponents.

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14 hours ago, justplay_ritchie said:

Nice to see the change to the normal 8 man roster thanks !

Oops, sorry. That is an error. I was going to run it that way, but it won't qualify for sanctioning if I do. Don't know whether it'll get sanctioned, but there's no point not trying for the sake of 2 extra players on the roster. Looks like I just didn't quite edit the document correctly when I changed it.

Sorry for the confusion.


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Hi all!

The event is fast approaching, so I just wanted to make sure everyone is ready. Remember that you will need:

 - fully painted models for your team

 - all the dice, tokens, tape measure and/or widgets you feel you will need

 - a chess clock or timer app you can use

 - a pen/pencil for recording results

 - a copy of the rules, errata and collected clarifications, for referencing during rules queries (accessible on a phone or tablet is fine)


See you all Saturday!


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Hello all,

as a really recent player i am really curious about rosters played in tournaments.

Is it possible to get rosters which were used during this masters ?



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