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Fish doesn't play Fish, he plays Engineers! Now with Carolinas Regional results

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Hey all

In an effort to prepare I've decided I'm going to play at least 75 games before Gen Con. I've already logged 5 (4 of which I won't describe here as they happened a week ago and I've forgotten some details) so for those counting, I have 70 games to play in the next 21 weeks! This post is going to serve a few purposes: a place to collect my post match thoughts, have you all tell me how crap a player I am, and let you keep me honest by prodding me if I don't update fairly often. 

The first 4 matches I counted are:

Pin Vice 12-2 Ballista

Pin Vice 8-12 Tapper

Pin Vice 12-6 Midas

Pin Vice 12-10 Tapper

...and I played game 5 the other night. As you can see, I love Pin Vice, and you can see my initial thoughts on her lineup here. I dropped

Pin Vice, Mainspring, Colossus, Velocity, Hoist, Compound vs Esters, Scum, Hooper, Spigot, Friday, Mash

This is the 2nd time I've played into Football Brewers, very aware that the "football" in the name is nebulous and they still hit like a bag of bricks; this configuration just means they can counter-score goals very quickly if you let them. I received the kick, passed it around a little and made sure to stay out of threat ranges for round 2. The ball wound up on my right side with Pin Vice, Hoist ahead of her, Colossus and Compound manning the center, and Velocity alone on the left. He hit Pin Vice with tooled up Fire and Blast Earth, putting some big early damage on her. The 2nd round was much of the same, with Hoist scoring a goal late on and Velocity starting to get engaged, failing to disengage from a counter-attack, but still standing thanks to Nimble. 4-0

Round 3, in my experience, is where Brewers start to shine and I start to pee my wooden pants. The freakin' cat wound up with the ball, which is my nightmare scenario, and Velocity got ganged up on by Friday, Spigot, and Hooper. Again, Nimble and Reanimate saved her bacon, and my opponent sunk 3 activations into her and failed to take her out this round. I felt this was a crucial part of the game, as it gave me time to chase the ball. Before this, I used Pin Vice's Heroic, Controller + Alternator on a Compound with 2 INF who then cleared fire on himself and walked over to the cat with 2 chances to tackle the ball. I bonus timed the first... 1 hit. I attack again... 1 hit. So that was fun. The cat dodged to the midline behind some rough ground between Friday and his activations, and I started to get worried. 

Round 4, Velocity goes down to Hooper as the Brewers get first activation. I sense an opportunity and load Hoist with 5, walk him directly between Spigot and Scum, and chain some >< off of him until I get within << range of the cat. I get the tackle on the first bonus timed try, and the cat fails to do anything with Protect My Balls. I have a leftover influence and manage to >< the cat off the board. Spigot tackles the ball off me but doesn't do much else, and Colossus gets ganged up on and taken out either this round or early next. Pin Vice just repositions. 

The rest of the game moved quickly from here, with Colossus, Compound, and Mainspring getting taken out pretty rapidly. Velocity came back on thanks to Miraculous Recovery. Hoist tackles the ball back from Spigot and pushes him, but doesn't have enough INF to sprint and kick so I opt to kick it into space in front of his goal, as his whole team is in my half of the field. Velocity, going full on super hero, charges Spigot and gets the >><< to push him off the board, meaning I just need to get to the ball first to win. Pin Vice activated late and farmed momentum and made it to the ball, but didn't have enough INF left to shoot. 8-8

Finally, I go into the next round up 2 momentum and win the die roll. Spigot comes back on and engages Hoist with a combination of Sideline Repair and the one that lets you sprint on, but thanks to her heroics last round Velocity is in Alternator Spring + Shoot roll. Pin Vice goes, gets the ball, puts Controller + Alternator on Velocity, and passes. Velocity sprints and scores for the win! 12-8 total

Lessons: If I don't get those takeouts I don't think I last long enough to win, though I think I could have engineered some 2 goal shenanigans with the Legendary by having Velocity pass it back to Pin Vice. Much dicier though. My last few games (so many games) against Brewers I've noticed that they tend to have trouble changing direction once they get going, even with Esters' songs. That's where most of my goals have come from; having half the board available to me. They're certainly tough to get the ball back from, so ensuring they get it as little as possible is crucial. I'm not sure I'll keep taking Colossus into Brewers. So many wraps.


I don't have time (or you thing you care enough) to write up every game like this, particularly because they'll come in bursts of 2-3, but I will try to post the most interesting ones and update with all the results.

Thanks for reading!

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Played vs Morticians last night. Obulus, Dirge, Ghast, Silence, Cosset, Mist vs Pin Vice, Mainspring, Colossus, Hoist, Velocity, and Rage.

I won the roll and received the kick. I deployed Velocity and Pin Vice to my left, Colossus and Rage toward the center, Mainspring behind them, and had Hoist man the right with an eye on some fast ground. Obulus kicked off, and the ball landed about 4" away from Colossus beside a wall, who walked up and passed it to Mainspring. After some positional jockeying (and waiting for Obs to activate) Mainspring missed a pass to Velocity, and Pin Vice and Velocity decided to go pick on Mist after PV got Tooled Up and Deletion, putting about 9 damage on him. 

I lost the initiative roll despite being up 2 momentum and there was much wailing and gnashing of teeth. Pin Vice had already taken 6 damage from Silence, Deletion, and Fire, so Obulus decides he can take her out with the first activation. Fortunately he doesn't roll particularly well, and I play Don't Touch the Hair after he gets below 4 INF so he can't pull me back in. Pin Vice survives by the skin of her wooden teeth, finishes off Mist with her next activation, walks back towards my edge and heals. After a little more positional play, the turn ends with Velocity in melee with Obulus waiting to score and me with +3 momentum. 

I actually win the next one, Pin Vice activates, puts Controller on Velocity, farms some momentum, heals again, and repositions. Velocity hits Obulus a few times and scores after, with the ball going out towards Mist, who doesn't have enough INF to score this turn. He starts wailing on Colossus, and Rage charges the bird, heals Pin Vice yet again before I lose the momentum, and enjoys a fried chicken lunch. I move Colossus to protect PV from Ghast and knock down Cossett, but forget The Unmasking is a thing and take some serious damage, with Pin Vice going down this round. 

The game starts getting stretched again, and Rage gets taken out. We play a stalling game for a few activations while I wait for Mist to decide what to do with the ball - he's threatened by Colossus or Pin Vice if he stays put/moves anywhere, and is down 8-4 at this point, so he scores with his last activation and Knee Sliders to engage Velocity so I can't threaten any Legendary shenanigans. The ball scatters about halfway between PV and Silence, so she charges him, grabs the ball, and strings a series of dodges together to get within 6" of goal, going for a bonus timed shot and winning the game!

My opponent is new to the game and hasn't quite gotten the hang of the Morticians control game yet, but is still a good gamer and very much a threat with Obulus in his hands. We talked after the game and my main point to him was the fact that he could have done some awful things to me with Silence, but tended to not put much on him. 

Pin Vice has been the most fragile part of any line up I've dropped so far and people are definitely keying in on her. I made a mistake keeping her too close to Colossus this game, which let Ghast get some key damage on her and leading her to get taken out. Utilizing her mobility to keep her out of threat range, knowing when to cast your CPs, and judicious use of healing have been very important so far. 

Hoist didn't do much that game, but that tends to be the way the game goes for me - I keep one Mechanika on either flank and switch play when I get the opportunity. One of the two tend to not contribute much until late game, when the play spreads and I can get them the ball. I misdeployed him though; could have had Where'd They Go on turn 1 if I had swapped him and Velocity. 


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Dropped Pin Vice, Mainspring, Velocity, Compound, Rage, and Salvo into Ox, Princess, Shank, Boiler, Tenderizer, Gutter

This was something of an experimental lineup designed to make the takeouts in a 2-2 easier. Since I often find one of the Mechanika tends to stick around a flank not doing much, I decided to only take one and see what happened. Colossus was an easy drop too, since he gets rekt vs Butchers in my experience. 

I won the roll and opted to receive (been on a bit of a streak of those). Gutter kicked, Velocity retrieved and passed it to PV, putting up Nimble near the midline. Gutter got the chain grab on the 2nd try and hit her a few times for nothing, but she was basically tied up near Gutter most of the game. I save Pin Vice for the end, she passes to Salvo and farms some momentum giving me a +2 on the next turn's roll...

...which I promptly lose. Ox puts 3 on himself and walks up to Pin Vice, legendaries, and hits. I have don't touch the hair or she'd be done for, but Ox gets Butchery on her. She hits Shank a few times to dodge, heals, and walks as far away as possible. Shank follows and brings her down to 4 I think. A small scrum appears on my right flank  with the ball changing hands a few time and the turn ends with Shank knocked down, Salvo back with the ball and an activation away from goal, and Rage getting position. I go into the initiative roll up 1...

...and lose again. I give Pin Vice 0 because she's going to die, so basically everyone else is full up. This is the sh** gets done turn, as Salvo charges Tenderizer, dodges off of him and scores; Pin Vice gets taken out; Rage tries to get some momentum and damage but gets beat up in return, and I really don't like the way I end that round.

The next few rounds are blurs of me failing to do anything effective as I can't get past Shank or Boiler to get to the ball, and Pin Vice gets taken out from a Miraculous Recovery-Heal in one round again. It snowballs out of control and I eventually lose 4-12. 

A bunch of lessons from this: Don't try to force the 2-2. My opponent was savvy and kept himself out of range to punch one of his squishier players early game and late game it just wasn't there. Rage really didn't contribute much and will probably be Hoist in this matchup going forward. I've also been trying to hold the Legendary for late game goals but often find I don't need it once the game gets stretched. I think it needs to start being used round 1 or 2 to facilitate the first activation goals. Pretty sure if Pin Vice retrieves the ball and legendaries, provided she doesn't have to sprint, I can ping the ball to Velocity, back to Pin Vice, and then spend an INF to pass back to Velocity and let her take a 4" dodge and put Alternator and Controller on her, at which point I have 2 momentum and a striker that can score from 18" out in the first activation. Won't happen every time, but she can be safe with a Run the Length and Nimble and I put the pressure on early. I also played too aggressively with Pin Vice after bringing her back on, getting her right back off the table. That was mostly inexperience into the Butchers and just realizing how quickly the damage can spike when they want it to. She will probably need to play off the front a bit until I'm sure I can get VPs. 

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A few weird games this past game night. It's been a few days so I'll keep them a little short:

Pin Vice, Mainspring, Colossus, Salvo, Hoist, Velocity vs Rage, Coin, Minx, Decimate, Fangtooth, Gutter

I kicked off and the ball went to the snake, who was close to goal. First turn we did some positioning, he sent Rage and Minx after Velocity but Salvo and Colossus were able to knock them both down. Hoist managed to bounce of Fangtooth a few times and dodged into melee with the snake. I go 2nd the next round and fail to tackle the snake with Hoist as my first activation. Pin Vice goes in on it with Deletion up and fails to kill it. He starts beating up on Colossus pretty hard, and Salvo pushes Minx off the table.

He healed the snake up from 1, so it was on 5 boxes. I put 6 on Pin Vice, she puts 5 more attacks into the snake,  and still fails to kill it. It's about this point that I'm so far on tilt there's no return. Colossus, Velocity, and Hoist get taken out, Colossus comes back on and tries to tackle the ball off Decimate and pass to Pin Vice but whiffs the first few times and only just gets the tackle off, costing me a goal that turn. Colossus gets knocked down and the scatter is pretty fortunate, landing next to PV who finally scores. My opponent tries to take out Colossus on 3 health with the first activation of the turn using The Unmasking, forgetting he has tough hide. Pin Vice takes out Decimate and Velocity/Hoist combine to push Fangtooth off the edge. At this point I'm up 10-6 but he has the ball. Colossus gets taken out, Pin Vice goes for Gutter but without crowds I never got to the 3rd column to get the 3 damage swings, and Decimate scored. 10-12 lost.

I call that game weird because nearly everything I tried to do took 2-3 more INF than I had mathed it out to be. Particularly bad were Hoist unable to score a goal on top of 2 with 3 or 4 INF and in melee with the model with the ball, and Pin Vice unable to kill the snake twice. I spent the rest of the game on tilt pretty bad after the first 3 rounds and it was my 2nd game in a row vs a bashy team where I couldn't outscore them early and lost to attrition late. Pin Vice doesn't produce momentum like Ballista can and it can be difficult to keep up with the healing. 


2nd game was the above lineup, subbing Compound for Colossus, vs Tapper, Damn Cat, Spigot, Friday, Hooper, Mash

This is one of my more regular opponents and he's been experimenting without Stave. I kicked to him but rerolled into a perfect deviation. The ball was in the corner of his deployment half, not even 1/2" across the line, so Hoist was able to get it before he did and I passed back to me. Salvo knocked Mash down. I went first the next round and Salvo activated first, knocking down everyone else but Friday and the Cat. Friday went into Hoist to try to get momentum and whiffed, which lost him the whole turn and set the tone for this game. I built some momentum and scored, and was able to set up my positioning perfectly to avoid any counterattacks. The only models within 9" of his team would have forced a countercharge from Compound. 

Velocity had taken 6 damage from Pin Vice so Hooper and Tapper eventually got to her and took her down, but it kept them far away from the ball. Salvo and Compound were able to keep him from scoring but he got the ball to Mash, banking on Unpredictable and Counter-attacks to keep the ball safe. Pin Vice went in on Spigot and took him down, and my opponent made a big mistake by bringing him back on within 10" of her, so she took him down again next turn. He was never quite able to take out Hoist as I kept healing and Sturdy/Tough Hide combo is tough for Brewers to deal with. Hoist was eventually able to get to Mash at the end of a round, I went first the next, and was able to tackle, dodge, and score. 12-2

We talked about this one a lot. His biggest mistake was bringing Spigot on too close to Pin Vice, but he let himself get spread too far and was never able to stack his bonuses enough to get the take-outs. Pin Vice and Hoist both spent much of the game low but without wraps or Commanding Aura the damage spikes weren't enough. 

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Been a while since I've gotten to post some bat reps but played two very good games last night. Apologies for typos as I'm on my phone in an auto shop waiting room. 

I used Pin Vice, Mainspring, Velocity, Hoist, Colossus, Compound in both games  

Game 1 vs Smoke, Flask, Venin, Vitriol, Mercury, Calculus

my first game against Smoke, though I've seen her a few times since a buddy of mine got her early. I won the roll off and received, but the scatter was good and the ball went toward my right edge  Pin Vice had to pick it up and had nowhere to pass it, so I held it rather than kicking to space. Hoist goes to try and block Vitriol, Colossus mans the left wing, and Velocity sets up centrally. Some stuff gets set on fire and Vitriol gets the ball off Pin Vice but can't do anything with it. 

I win the roll off for round two. PV tackles Vitriol, farms some momentum, pops legendary, and passes to hoist/self/Velocity/Colossus to get the ball out of danger and Colossus scores next activation. More stuff gets conditions on them and Vitriol wails on Pin Vice. 

Alchemists win the roll and I load up Colossus, put two on Velocity, and put 3 on a wounded Pin Vice. He opts to take out Pin Vice, so Colossus tries to tackle Mercury and whiffs, only putting Smashed Shins on him after 3 attacks. He still doesn't move the ball, so Velocity walked in, tackled, and whiffed a 3 dice shot it winds up on Venin. Velocity winds up stuck between Mercury, Venin, and Smoke and taken out. next turn, Pin Vice comes on and takes out Vitriol and Colossus gets the ball off Venin and scores. 

Vitriol walks the ball up and takes out Pin Vice again, and most of the characters are in a scrum slightly in my half, but I win the next roll at -1 and Pin Vice walks back on again to take out Calculus for a 12-6 win.

Game 2 vs Scalpel, Bird, Ghast, Silence, Rage, Mist

i kick this time and Hoist gets WTG off Mist while he passes the ball around, ending with it on Mist, who gets the first activation goal on one die on turn 2 -_- Pin Vice counters by using Deletion to murder Mist with Compounds help, even getting some momentous damage, and walks the ball to Hoist, who scores and uses knee slider to cover the opposite flank and avoid Rages threat range. The ball winds up on Ghast, and he takes out Velocity and Colossus pretty quickly with Scalpel, Rage, and Ghast. However Hoist is able to tackle Ghast, who can't be knocked down on a counter, and where'd they go to score again. The ball winds up with mist, who goes wide where I can't threaten, and I whiff on my last chance to generate momentum  for the turn, so my opponent goes first next round and Mist scores. 10-12


The first game I felt I played well, never giving him the opportunity to get multiple models with AOEs and forcing him to use Chemical Breeze to apply conditions, slowing him down. Vitriol is a great Pin Vice hunter for future reference, though. 

The second game I screwed a few activations up, and not much else I could have done to stop his first goal. Sometimes you just hit the 50/50. Scalpel herself didn't do much damage but 2nd wind is really powerful in Morticians, and her playbook has great counter attacking potential. I did a poor job of controlling Rage as well which kept me behind on the momentum race. 

First tournament tomorrow, 20 registered players, so big AAR incoming! Now if you'll excuse me, my thumbs are tired... 


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Engineers at the Inaugural Border Cup:

Today we had our first sanctioned tournament in South Carolina. 20 preregistered and 19 showed, so great turnout. The Tiebreak page is here if you're interested in final standings and guild frequency.


My 6 was the same I'd been playing with for the last month or so. Pin Vice, Mainspring, Velocity, Hoist, Colossus, Compound, Salvo, Rage.


Round 1 vs Hunters

Velocity, Hoist, Colossus, Rage v. Egret, Hearne, Jaecar, Zarola

So we had a Hunters player show up from Atlanta with a fully (well) painted team. He apparently had a ninja in London last week, so all kinds of impressive for them to be represented, and of course I draw him round one. This game for me was a whole lot of not having any clue what to do or how to react.

I lost the initial roll and kicked off, and Zarola picked it up and hit Hoist with a Chain Bola. In hindsight, I wish I'd kept a snare counter because it felt like it was on me constantly. First round was a lot of jockeying for position, no real swings happen and Hoist doesn't go for a True Rep. We went a long time with little of note happening in this game; I think we were both around 20 minutes before I scored the first VPs by taking Hearne out with Rage after those two and Colossus danced around a lot. Pin Vice also got the ball off Zarola and Rage was taken out by Jaecar. Next round, Pin Vice scores, but Egret gets a quick score immediately after, and the ball goes out to Velocity, who is set up for an early goal the next round. I unfortunately lose the next initiative roll when up +2, and Theron takes Velocity out and the ball scatters away from most of my team. Rage could have sprinted to the ball and not done a whole lot else with it, so seeing the clock run down on me Pin Vice activates and takes out I believe Jaecar and Fahad this round, but Hearne is able to forest jump the ball near Egret, who scores for the win. 10-12 to the Hunters.

Lessons learned: Not sure I liked Rage into the match; Compound would have prevented both goals without some serious maneuvering from him and they're squishy enough that Pin Vice and Deleted Hoist can get some take outs if needed. Their ability to apply Snared is insane, at one point everyone but Mainspring was Snared, and it is a rough condition. Jaecar and Egret in particular put in a lot of work on snared targets. I was generally up on momentum though, and had I won the last initiative roll there's a good chance Velocity scores and Pin Vice takes out Fahad to get me to 12, but I can walk away from that match feeling like I was in a decent position at the end. Sometimes the dice just disagree.


Round 2 vs Butchers

Velocity, Hoist, Compound, Salvo v. Ox, Princess, Boiler, Shank, Tenderizer, Gutter

This is one of our locals who I've done reports on one or two games for in this thread, and he's had my number the last two times out, so I was worried about dropping my first two. I wound up kicking off and couldn't keep the ball from landing right in front of Shank. First round was a bunch of maneuvering with Shank passing to Gutter to get her a 4" dodge. Hoist missed a True Rep on Shank. Mike made a mistake he doesn't normally make towards the end of the round, leaving Gutter in counter-charge range of Compound, who hits the momentous KD, giving me a +1 on the next roll -- which I lost. Shank gets first activation, gets the ball, a momentum, and attempts a shot, but misses and it lands next to the goal. Salvo pumped some damage into Gutter before she got to stand up, and Ox charged deep into my lines to use his Legendary and beat the crap out of Salvo, wrapping for 8 damage. Mainspring walked the ball over to beside Pin Vice to get it protected. Boiler put Swift Stance on Gutter and stood her up. She took out Salvo, letting me put Vengeance on her, but wasn't able to do much against Compound. Hoist charged her to no effect. Pin Vice picked up the ball, put up deletion, walked up to Gutter, and used the Vengeance and 2 assists to do KD and 2 damage. From there I was able to finish her off and pass to Hoist, and was up on momentum. 

Hoist scored early the next round, and the ball went out to the newly back on Gutter. Compound knocked down Ox, and Pin Vice was able to take him down (momentous 4 in Engineers is beautiful). Boiler tried to charge Pin Vice after this, but Mike again forgot Counter Charge. Gutter attacked Velocity a few times, then sprinted and passed to Shank, who hit a bonus timed snapshot. The ball went out to Salvo, who was able to sprint and hit a pass to Hoist, who hit a snapshot to win. 12-6


Mike was a little frustrated with how his first round game ended (missed some Chain Grabs that could have gotten him to 12 VPs) and went on tilt against me after getting counter charged on turn one, and Shank missing the shot was icing on the cake for that. He made some mistakes he normally doesn't make and I was able to capitalize on them.


Round 3 vs Union

Velocity, Hoist, Compound, Rage v. Veteran Rage, Coin, Minx, Gutter, Mist, Fangtooth

In my experience vs Veteran Rage line ups, the two things you need are the highest defense possible and lots of momentum, so Rage went in for Colossus. I kicked again and the ball went out to Mist. Again we mostly did some maneuvering, and Minx charged Hoist. Hoist countered by getting a few >< on her to bring her closer to my lines, and Rage decided that wouldn't do and got her to dodge back. He did a lot of passing to get the ball back to Mist and went first the next round. Most of this game happened within 10" of my right edge just inside my half, with me using a lot of >< to keep Fangtooth in between Rage, Gutter, and my team, and my Rage spending the first few rounds Tooling Up Pin Vice. She took out Minx early turn 2, and Fangtooth over two rounds of attacking with Rage committing on him as well. Hoist was able to >< Gutter off the edge, and on round 3 I believe Velocity was set up to do a first activation charge on Mist, wrapping and hitting >><< and T to get the ball, score, and knee slide to the center of the table. The game ended with Minx taking bleed damage from Rage to bring me to a 12-0.



Round 4 vs Morticians

Velocity, Hoist, Compound, Colossus v. Obulus, Dirge, Ghast, Silence, Rage, Mist

I'm the pair up this round, so no pressure at all. In the interest of getting the tournament done not too long after the shop was supposed to close at 7:30, we dropped the clocks to 35 minutes this round in case we had to go to a 5th.

I received the kick this round. It was a good kick, just over the line, and Hoist had to sprint out to get it and passed it in the general direction of my team, landing near Pin Vice. Obulus PM'd Hoist in and he and Rage attacked him a bit. Pin Vice passed to Velocity, Velocity dodged 4", and she put Alternator on Velocity and Colossus. Colossus hit the bird for some momentum, and my last activation Velocity scored. However, I forgot Mist was on 4 INF and he scored right back. Wary of the fact that I was going 2nd the next round and Mist was right beside my goal, I kicked the ball into space. 

Mist got to the ball but didn't have enough to get momentum and score, so kicked it to the corner. I start beating on Silence and Mist while the rest of his team keeps trying (and failing) to kill Hoist. In round 3 I take out Mist and deal about 9 to Silence with Pin Vice, and Colossus and Compound combine to take him down. Ghast killed Mainspring. At this point I spend a whole bunch of activations trying to get a goal, with the most notable screw up being under-allocating Pin Vice by 1. She wanted to put Controller on Colossus, sprint, and use her legendary to get the ball from her, to Velocity, to Colossus, who could then if not sprint and score, sprint and be safe from reprisal, but I only put 4 on her! I wound up kicking the ball just short of Colossus with Velocity in the hopes that nobody could get to it.

So of course, Obulus got to it and passed it to Dirge, who dodged beside Ghast. Velocity got the ball off Dirge, but was engaged by Dirge and Ghast and missed a pass to Colossus, with Ghast picking it up. Ghast knocked Velocity down and took her low on health but he clocked out after this activation, with 2 more to go in the round, bringing me to 10 points. I brought Pin Vice on ready to kill Dirge, but my first activation was going to clock me so I waited on her, and he eventually clocked out, giving me the 12-9 win.

Definitely needed a smoke and a beer after this game. Super super tense. I will learn my lesson about putting less than 5 on Pin Vice one day, I suppose. Pretty sure he could have scored there with Controller on him, definitely could if I had put Alternator on him too. Another case of an opponent tying up valuable resources to try and take out Hoist, not realizing that it is an impossible task. 


I finished 2nd overall, which I was really happy with, particularly after taking the first round loss. I feel like I played well in every round, though could tell it was getting late in round 4 with some of the mistakes I was making and was super glad it didn't go to a 5th round. 

Hoist was absolutely my MVP of the whole event. He didn't do much against the Hunters, but scored 2 goals vs the Butchers and got a take out vs the Union, while absorbing an absolute TON of punishment against Union and Mortician players who wanted to take him out. Rage in the Morticians was particularly sad, as when engaged and his first attack only netted one result, his activation was nullified entirely. In both match ups he bought me time I needed to build VP leads and get in positions I wanted to be in. 

Pin Vice was a superstar today as well. Goals weren't easy to come by for me. I normally 2-2 most matches, but only scored 5 goals in 4 games today, so she had to pick up the slack. She was able to trivially remove Gutter and Ox with a gang up from Compound vs Butchers, took out Minx easily and used Fangtooth as a momentum battery with momentous damage results, eventually leading to his take down vs the Union, and enabled a 4 point turn vs Morticians, both of them going down before they activated. It takes some work but she tag teams really well with Compound or Colossus, who can get a KD and a gang up, which lets her get into the nougaty center of her playbook and start hitting some momentous 2 or 3 damage results. Tooled up and/or Deletion bring her to the point that lighter targets don't survive. It's nice to have that kind of burst damage in Engineers for when the scoring game isn't going your way.

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Good work bud. Hoist is a champ. With his 5 inf allowance and sweet playbook/traits I think of him as a mini-captain, perfectly capable of a 6 point activation depending on the board state.

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Played in a 14 man tournament yesterday (we had 2 late drops D: ) with the First Team artifice in effect. I brought:

Pin Vice, Mainspring, Hoist, Compound, Colossus, Decimate


My thought there was without the option to sub in Velocity against teams I need quick goals against, I'd rather have a model that can help with Plan B and generate some momentum for me. I've also been falling in love with Second Wind all over again lately. 


Round 1 vs Brewers [Jeremy]: Tapper, Scum, Spigot, Stave, Friday, Hooper

On the drive up, the other 3 from Greenville and I were talking about matchups we didn't want to see. Mine? Brewers. Lots of Tough Hide makes Pin Vice and Decimate's take out games sad and they kill the ball pretty hard. Oh well!

I won the initial roll and Stave kicked off. The next 80 minutes was a whole bunch of avoiding Tapper like the plague, keeping my team close to Compound to threaten the counter-charge, and Stave keeping me pinned in my half with the ball so I couldn't score. We both clocked at 4-4; I'd taken out Friday and Spigot and he took out I think Hoist and Decimate, but he had to go back to his own goal line to get Decimate. A few activations after clock and it's 8-8, Decimate and Pin Vice are engaged with Tapper by the goal trying to score. In my 1 minute frenzy rush, Decimate dodges off of tapper and grabs the ball, but I didn't measure and she's just out of shot range. Hooper beats on Colossus a little. Pin Vice dodges off of Tapper and walks into melee with the freshly brought back on Spigot and deletes him. It's now 11-11 and his only influence is on Stave, engaging Colossus with 6 health left. Stave does 5 damage and I win 12-11 in the most epic and stressful game I've ever played.


Round 2 vs Alchemists [Dave]: Midas, Flask, Vitriol, Mist, Calculus, Compound

My Pin Vice love is almost a direct response to my main opponent before our local group exploded playing basically this exact line up and Ballista just sobbing as he had to do something, anything, against Def 5 clone models, so fortunately I have a lot of experience in this match up. 

I kicked off and Hoist was able to advance onto a piece of fast ground and kick it just over the line and 2" from the edge. Vitriol went first and claimed the ball but Dave mis-allocated, thinking she could advance and pick it up and wound up having to sprint, so she was stuck on the edge with the ball. I did a few more chump actions to react to the board state, and about halfway through Hoist charged Vitriol with Steamroller and got a wrap, choosing momentous 2 and momentous tackle. He then took two more swings to fish for a >< to push her off the board and passed it towards my lines. Pin Vice got the ball and engaged Mist, and Decimate got heavy burdened but tried to keep up. Midas and Compound were dancing with Colossus. Pin Vice then took out Mist and Vitriol again in consecutive turns, got the ball to Hoist, and was planning on killing a damaged flask, putting controller on Hoist, and letting him score to end the game, buuuut I had been hoarding momentum like a fool and not healing her deletion damage and forgot that Flask explodes when he dies. Pin Vice died a meaningless death with 4 inf on her D: Midas finished Colossus but Hoist still had the ball, so he was able to clear his fire, sprint, and score a bonus timed shot. 12-4


Round 3 vs Butchers [Brian]: Ox, Princess, Boar, Boiler, Brisket, Shank

I kicked and Brisket collected it and had Tough Skin and Swift Stance put on her. That's a pretty well protected ball. Some maneuvering later, and my opponent charged Colossus with Shank, but forgot about Counter-Charge and I knocked him down. I went first the next round, and had to activate Colossus or I'd be on the receiving end of Boar. I moved the knocked down Shank to block the charge lane and moved outside of threat. Ox came in on Decimate with his legendary but I hit a counter-attack to get out, so he put up tough skin and Butchery on Decimate. Decimate had to get outta there, so moved around and dodged off Princess a few times. Pin Vice put some damage into Ox toward the end of the round and Pin Vice took out Boiler. Boar went to charge Decimate but between Defensive Stance and Damage Sponge he didn't register a hit on the first attack, so Boiler came back to finish Decimate off. I was able to move out of Ox's legendary and not suffer too badly from it otherwise. Eventually, Pin Vice killed Ox, and Colossus charged forward at Brisket (who still had the ball but no window to shoot, thanks Compound!) but could never get more than Smashed Shins on her. Thanks, Charmed Male! Shank tried to kill Decimate again but couldn't quite manage it. My opponent eventually clocked while I still had about 11 minutes and killed Colossus. Pin Vice rolled up her sleeves and I decided I wasn't winning this game without a goal, so she put up Alternator, charged Boiler, bounced off him into Brisket, tackled her, bounced off her into b2b with Princess - the only place I could dodge to and be within 6" of the goal - and hit the Bonus Timed 5+ goal, and my opponent eventually lost on time. 12-6


On to the final table with the guy that drove me there! 3 of our group of 4 made the final 4 so we had a pretty successful day, all told.


Round 4 vs Butchers [Mike]: Fillet, Princess, Boiler, Shank, Brisket, Avarisse and Greede

Astute readers may recognize Mike as the same Mike I played round 2 of the last event. This was my first time playing his Fillet, but I have some experience with and against her, so I'm well aware of her damage output. 

I received and Fillet moved to behind a forest in the middle and kicked to my right. Colossus picked it up and passed it to Hoist, and I moved the ball around a bit trying to use Compound as my comfort pillow. Fillet and Shank were able to get on Colossus in such a way that Compound couldn't see them to charge, though, and put some damage on him as well as getting Bleed on Colossus. I was still able to go first between passing and Pin Vice farming momentum off Avarisse before second winding back behind my lines, and I went into the tank for a few minutes to decide what to do. She wasn't winning a knife fight with her and as she was already bleeding I was going to lose her and colossus if I didn't do something, so I used Well Oiled Machine. I passed off Hoist and Colossus, got 8" of dodges, advanced to the far side of Avarisse, hit him a few times to dodge off, scored, and ran the length to the middle of nowhere. 4-0 to the Engineers. The ball comes out near Brisket on my far left and Fillet murders Colossus's face. The rest of the round is him surrounding Pin Vice without attacking with Princess and Boiler, and then Avarisse comes in and blocks her in and singles her out. Shank charges and puts some damage on her. He goes first next round, but I position Decimate and Colossus to attack the ball and put 2 on Pin Vice giving her a chance to get out if he doesn't finish her. He decides to move the ball to Shank who dodges further to my right. Pin Vice hits the >< on Avarisse followed by a << and gets out of engagement with anyone and heals up to around 8 or 9. Boiler finishes her off but it takes him a few more inf and activations than he wanted, and he's got 4 models pretty much on his goal token at this point. Shank passed to Fillet who passed back next round, but I hit him with Too Flash. He goes for goal, getting around Compound and behind my goal to stop the counter-charge, but can't get a result against Mainspring to get out of his engagement range and doesn't have momentum to bonus time, and misses the Tap In on one die. He's able to snap the ball back, but Compund has two and a free charge and pushes him off the edge. The ball goes pretty much straight to Fillet after coming back in. Hoist is able to tackle it off of her, but doesn't have enough left to kill it, and she's able to get it off him, kill him, and score, putting us at 6-10. Pin Vice is back on with a full stack and the ball though, and it's entirely possible for me to kill Brisket, who is engaged with Colossus and Decimate, and get Colossus to score before he can find 2 points. Pin Vice gets the ball, passes to Colossus and dodges into melee with Brisket, puts up Deletion, and has 4 attacks at 8 dice to do 8 damage. She whiffs two attacks entirely :'( Colossus tries to finish her his next activation but doesn't do much of anything with his two attacks, so walks out and scores. Boiler leaves Colossus on 2, but bleeding, at the end of the round, and Mike wins in the next maintenance phase. 10-12.

A fantastic game by both of us, really. We spent the better part of an hour and a half discussing it on the drive home, both feeling like we made some absolutely incredible plays. I'm not sure I've ever played a match with those kinds of momentum swings; if we had a win % chart it would have looked like a roller coaster. 


I wound up finsihing 2nd overall with 46 VPs, so still a successful day and my 2nd straight silver medal with Pin Vice. My next event will probably be US Nationals, so let's aim to get over the hump in that one eh? ;)




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