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6th player choice - little help please

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Hey guys, I normally play Morticians (let me finish) but I'm coming over to the Butchers as my 2nd team (with Union as the 3rd) 

So far I've got Ox, Princess, Boiler, Brisket and Tenderiser finished... 

Who would you guys say is my best bet as the 6th Butcher to make this a decent team? 

(No Union just yet, I want to get 6 pure butchers together 1st)

cheers all, H.



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Wise choice not bringing Boar :P

Id agree shank is a decent choice as he can float around and go where hes needed whilst the main group grinds the centre 

This however is a mixed blessing because some games he does little (2 influence is nice though) and others he TP's around the map mobbing up mascots, strikers and those returning to the pitch

With this is mind if you feel you need more grinding and damage potential id recommend trying meathook as not only her scything blow. bleed. sanguine pool is a game changer but her kick stat isnt terrible if you want more options

Depends on your play style: Need more manoeuvrability and playing on the wings-Shank Need more pushing power and threat: Meathook 

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But late to the party. But yeah Shank is definitely the way to go.

He takes a little getting used to as he plays a little different to all the other Butchers. Certainly a worthwhile investment.

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well I've played my first game as Butchers with the above lineup...


12-2 win. 1 goal from Brisket and 4 ko's. Played against my friend who was using Cap'n Rage for the first time, so as learning game on both sides. Great fun though. tenderiser didnt get a single point of inf the whole game but managed to stop a bonus timed shot from Mist. plenty of 4s in the roll, but no 5s! for that alone, (never mind his great areas denial) he's staying on the roster 

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