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Guild Ball Open @ Lincon, Linköping Sweden 6/5 2016

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Swedens first Guild Ball Tournament will be held at one of the largest gaming cons in Sweden this coming May, 6/5

Aiming low with 16 spots but will have enough room to accomodate all willing players. So far the spots are almost all taken.

‘It’s not over, ‘til it’s over’ 4 rounds, ‘Play to the final whistle’ 12 vp for victory, ‘Team Tactics’ 45 min deathclock
‘Strength in Depth’ Captain, mascot and 6 players with ´Hide the team sheet´

9:30 Gathering and information
10:00 Match 1
12:00-13:30 Lunch
1330 Match 2
1540 Match 3
1750 Match 4

For more information contact me via pm or on the swedish Guild Ball group "Guild Ball Sverige" or www.lincon.se

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