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A Morticians dance macabre

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13 hours ago, MasterPlan said:

They turned out very nice.  What's next? 

Obulus, silence & fangtooth are nearly done. Rage, mist are next and probably scalpel when she arrives.

also look out for another team.

8 hours ago, Xoryn said:

The black on Ghast is particularly great. Can you divulge what your recipe is?

Don't overhighlight black. I found the less you do to it the better it looks. I mixed glossy gel medium under my black baselayer to give it a satin finsh -> so the light reflects of it like leather. Then i did subtle highlights with blue,black&white mixture. I mix my paints of different brands so its hard to pinpoint colors.

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I'll echo the others in appreciating your scheme! The skin tones match it well too, you've done a great job of making them look just a bit pale and unhealthy without looking like zombies. I think Bonesaw's skin is my favourite.

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